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2bempowered site addresses the needs of both the individual and corporate world. It is as much about discovering who you are on a personal level as it is about clarity and awareness at the corporate level. The quest to discover WHO I AM, your Y and your purpose is the same process followed whether it is for you or your business. TO me, business at its core is really just a collection of people.

PERSONAL LEVEL: The quest to discover WHO AM I? is a journey. It is through knowledge and experience and one’s life lessons that we begin to strip away and question our belief systems and our outcomes. It is then we come to learn WHO I AM: our purpose, raison d’être. By learning to be true to yourself, speak your truth, set boundaries, let go, forgive, and walk your talk you will find your life unfold the way you want. You will come to learn answers lie within. You can begin to live your authentic life. I have created 5 individual workshops that will assist you on this path of empowerment. As an energy coach I can draw from my level II Reiki as well as from Body Energy work. Please review.

CORPORATE LEVEL: What differentiates the leaders in business from their counterparts is that they have a clear understanding of why they are in business: their purpose, their Y (value proposition). This is reflected in their vision and mission statement most importantly in their corporate culture. Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos, has stated in articles that your culture is your brand and if you want to build a brand for the long-term, it begins by creating a strong corporate culture. I have created a program that helps you identify corporate culture branding and identity. I have incorporated my Marketing and Human Resources knowledge and experience along with research into corporate culture development. In corporate culture I have narrowed down to employee motivation and engagement as part of this process. You will also find a ‘tips and tools blog‘ that reinforces this concept as well as other useful suggestions that can be incorporated into your business.

In Oct. 2013 I self-published a resource book targeted to our youth, aged 15 to approximately 25 years, that focuses on bridging the gap between the baby boomers and our future leaders, the youth, mentoring, giving tools for 10 essential life skills, learning to walk their talk and be authentic, challenge our current systems and most important how to take all of this knowledge and transition it into life- personal and professional. Go to www.VoicesOfYouth.ca to learn more.



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