How to eat, how to play, how to find your healthy and happy. Everyone needs guidance and our experts are here to help. We’ve compiled some ‘How-to’ tip sheets to inspire you, as role models for the next generation, to help change behaviours and get active. Healthy isn’t just about getting exercise or eating well; it’s also a state of mind. They more you know, the healthier our kids will be. These tips and facts are easy to print and post on your fridge. Share them with your friends and family.

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How to: help your kids find their healthy and happy
How to: promote a positive body image
How to: let your child’s creativity soar
How to: promote positive thinking in children
How to: reduce your child’s screen time
How to: help your child succeed in sports
How to: expose your kids the new and varied sports
How to: be active at all stages of childhood
How to: stay active while dealing with serious health conditions
How to: buy good running shoes
How to: keep energy high during sports
How to: navigate dietary supplements for teen athletes
How to: make nutritious choices during each stage of life
How to: follow Canada’s Food Guide
How to: understand food labels
How to: dissect the ‘other ingredients’ in food products
How to: make healthy choices at restaurants
How to: promote positive eating habits

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