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I have asked Maritza to write about this topic from a different perspective than me. I wanted to cover the more emotional and spiritual end of it and she wrote from the more professional perspective.

Relationship To Money – Sandra’s Perpective:

Many people before me and many after me will address this issue of financial literacy however where we differ is our approach. My site is about empowerment – taking back our power as well as taking accountability and responsibility for our actions and choices, thus our outcomes.


What many do not realize is that our actions are the result of our subconscious, core beliefs – things so buried in us that often we don’t even know why situations happen UNLESS we actively decide to look from within.


The first place to start is understanding that our external relationships – finance, family, friends, work, and most importantly the one with ourselves, is the MANIFESTATION or result of how we feel and think from within – who we are. What does that mean? It means if you look in the mirror and you see someone who is ugly, fat, too short, too tall, a loser, things never go right for them, is always short of money, all you can see is debt or bills, worries a lot, it never works out for me, woe is me, THEN it is difficult to say to others “Yes, I can do it! Yes, I am worthy” and really feel it. Perhaps the situation has been that you tell yourself that you are good enough, smart enough and so on however you are surrounded by people that always bring you down, criticize you or worse, these people are not as prevalent in your life BUT the self-critic carries on.

It is also important to examine the core beliefs you hold. With regards to money and abundance what are the belief systems that you were instilled with? Were you told that money does not grow on tress? OR Money is the root of all evil? OR Only those that have money will be successful? OR We are not made of money? OR This is our lot in life – accept it? It is critical to understand what your beliefs are in order for you to move forward and begin this journey.
** I have an exercise and do it at your leisure – sit down and write out your core beliefs about money and wealth on the left-hand side of the page and on the right-hand side you will mark one of these: this is a core belief that is serving me well, this does not serve me well and I want to let it go and release it, this is not my belief rather my father/mother/grandparent/etc. – I hand it back. This will give you a good indication of where you are starting at.

As far as receiving – it is far easier to give to someone else than to receive. In order to receive – or call it being successful – you must love and honour yourself and feel worthy. While I have been privileged in many ways and money has come and gone in my life – it is only after 40+ years that I truly feel myself worthy of receiving and my abundance has come in many different ways – through family, creating my work, and gifts (a meal, my gas paid for at times, trips offered to me, etc.). I accept all graciously an am grateful for all.

Maritza’s Perspective — My relationship to money: from my personal experiences from work

Four questions I would like to address from the book called The Energy of Money by Maria Nemeth, Ph.D. in relationship to my personal experiences from work are;

1. Do you recall your mother’s or father’s relationship with money?

2. Did you dream of one day having a particular job or career? Was the amount of money you could earn a factor in your choice of careers?

3. Have you ever accomplished an important task or project involving money? What was it? What did you do that made you successful?

4. Regarding money, for what do you want to be known? If people were to talk about you and your relationship with money, what would you want them to say?

I recalled when I was about 13 years old my mom and dad owned a grocery store. Each night after a long day at work, working from 7am to 10pm, they would come home and bring the cash in a small brown bag. I remember I use to wait for them to come home so I could count the dollars bills, although I had to go to school the next day it was all worth the wait. I used to stack them up all facing the same direction and count them. I felt so happy; I felt we were rich because they were about 100 dollars in one-dollar bills. Growing up my parents always owned a grocery store, at one point we had three stores. I felt we lived in abundance, my brother and I went to private school we always had money around the house. I always noticed my dad, in particular, was a generous person. He always supported our family and friends with any financial set-backs. From a very young age, my relationship to money was very similar to my dad; we love making it, having it and giving it away to support and empower others.

Growing up in a household where we always owned a business inspired me to become an entrepreneur myself. I chose my career in the financial market because although owning a grocery store gave us the monetary support, I knew I wanted more. As well, I chose the financial arena because growing up and reading in the history books of amazing successful people, I wanted to become one myself, make lots of money and I too wanted to support and empower others financially.

Three major accomplishments involving money were; establishing a hamburger truck business, creating an eight story building and creating and designing our restaurant. These were the three proudest businesses in my husband and I career. What we did that made each of these venture successful was that each establishment created was built with lots of love and care. We built the building as if we were going to live there; we made the hamburgers as if they were going to be serving in a five star restaurant and our families were going to eat them; and we built the restaurant as if my grandparents were coming to visit us and I wanted them to feel at home. I always say that service has no competition, it’s your uniqueness that’s what makes a business successful giving the best service anyone can ever experience and then some.

To answer the last question: Regarding money, for what do you want to be known? If people were to talk about you and your relationship with money, what would you want them to say?

I want to be known as a successful powerful woman who has enough money to care for my family and empower others to become successful as well. What I will love people to remember me by and my relationship to money is “Maritza is a successful women who went beyond her own personal needs and chose to live in abundance for the universe – empowering others and making a difference in this world. Her generosity can be felt in many causes around the world. She is a true joy to talk to and is always willing to empower others in their passions!



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