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I am so behind in my magazine reading that I was reading the O Magazine from Thanksgiving. In there was the Suze Orman section. A woman was asking her for assistance regarding finances.

In the article this woman says that she has given her life savings to her close friend and she heard that her friend recently lost her job and she was concerned that the friend may “dip” into the money and she did not know how to ask her friend for the money back without insulting her.


Suze Orman told this woman to WAKE UP AND TAKE BACK YOUR POWER AND TAKE FULL RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR FINANCIAL WELL BEING. She asked the woman why she will hand away her entire life savings, putting it in the hands of a “stranger”; Does this woman not know what is best for herself – more so than her friend??

It was interesting. Now, I will not yell at you (like my financial advisor did to me), however I will tell you, encourage you, to take back your power and be fully responsible for your financial outcome. You can do this and it is important to be aware of where your money is going and how it is being invested, are you living beyond your means, are you creating debt, good debt, how is your credit and so on.

Maritza and I want to reduce the fear around finances and let you know that so much of what you do on a daily basis is no different then how you will take care of your finances. We have likened your finances to your closet for we know that a woman takes pride in her closet (ok sometimes it gets messy in there) and takes time to know where everything is placed – where she can find it. Sometimes it means reorganizing the closet, getting rid of things and then adding things.

We look forward to empowering you to find your way along your path of financial awareness and knowing in 2010.

We want to wish you an abundant 2010! May all of your dreams come true. First, you must take accountability and responsibility for your choices.

All our best,

Sandra and Maritza

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