2012 … my year for freedom

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I was reading one of my astro forecast and it said my theme for this year is FREEDOM. Freedom is one of those words that can have so many connotations. As I read through the description it talked about it being my time to step up to the plate and fulfill my passion/destiny/purpose. It talked about how in past I have pushed to a point and then let it go because of uncertainty. The truth is, this is true. I have achieved things in my life but I have also limited myself by my own fears. I am now ready to push through that — particularly with the great support system I have in place (thank you) and having released many of my fears that have brought me to a place of knowing who I am, my worth and my purpose in life.

The releasing is still happening and I welcome that for I have held so many beliefs that did not serve me well. I am loving myself and forgiving myself at the same time. I have shifted my paradigms around certain core beliefs and have developed new ones. I am so excited for this year.

Freedom for me means breaking the chains that have held me for so long: uncertainty to a place of knowing and certainty. Interestingly I have just completed a financial phase with my ex-husband. It was scary and daunting until I realized that the universe is telling me I no longer need him and I can do this on my own. I know I can do it! I am ready for it. I am nearly finished my book and starting to think of different programs that I can implement along with the handbook for the youth.

I feel free from the trappings of what I thought I needed – the material things. I still love to travel, eat well and live well however I do not need to have a certain brand names to feel good about myself.

You can take a look at your astro forecast if you choose:
Yearly Astro Predictions for 2012

As we are just beginning 2012, take time to sit down and decide what kind of life you want to live. Is there something or someone holding you back- is it you?? Set your intentions of what you want for this year. Keep in mind that the intentions are the larger picture. For example, you want to be healthier not just skinnier. With health comes a good weight but also good choices and action steps. Make your goals the action steps that bring you toward good health: eating better, drinking more water, sleeping better, more yoga (for some), more family time and downtime for yourself. This is the year you will love and honour yourself.

Start this weekend – begin to dream – set your intentions, write them down, read them aloud and let it go. Then decide what actions do you need to do to make the intentions come true. Take baby steps and enjoy the ride.

I want to wish everyone again a year full of laughter, joy, peace and calm; it all begins within.

All my love,


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