#3 In my 20s and on my journey – MONEY.

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This is the third article from my friend Caitriona – living and teaching English on Jeju Island, South Korea. She and I exchange energy work each week via Skype. It has been an incredible experience.

She shares with me her life experiences and awareness. Some of them are so profound especially for a young women. It is amazing to see someone in her 20s embark on a journey that many wait until they are in their 40s, 50s or even 60s. These lessons will pave the way to break cycles within her own life and ones that she can carry forward into all of her relationships, including one day her own children.

The awareness is about letting go of fear and trusting and in her case it was around MONEY — something most adults and parents do not do so well with themselves.

The other day I was walking to the bus stop, excited to be heading home after work and by the sun shining brightly. As I was nearing the bus stop, my friend stopped on his motorbike, he offered me a ride but I denied the offer because I had no helmet. My high-spirited self at that moment was quickly transformed by what my friend proceeded to say. Three weeks after I had a bike accident – I ran into his bike — he showed me the damage and then asked me if I would spot him the money for the repairs. I immediately jumped back and asked him if this was right, and if indeed I was solely responsible for what happened? He reassured that yes, it was my doing and that he was sorry to break the news like this. I felt a knot in my stomach and was thrown off by this news so I walked away and asked him to call me later with the amount due.
The entire bus ride home my mind was consumed with angry and negative thoughts, I had just finished budgeting my money for the remainder of my time on this island and was annoyed by this surprise expense. The fear started pouring in and filling up every single cell in my body leaving it in a tired and stiff state, and my mind- scattered with fearful thoughts.
I arrived home and knew that I wanted to sit with the emotions that arose from this situation and the best way to do this was to walk down to the water and chill out.
On route to the water, in an angry state, I picked up the phone to call this friend, he informed of the cost and I jumped, just what I feared- too much.

    I asked him if he was taking any responsibility for the accident and he replied no, but that he was intending to bring the cost down however possible.

When I put the phone down I noticed that a wise old dog had joined me on my walk, and did not leave my side for the entire time, very aware of this blessing I stopped and gave thanks. I tested my new dog friend to see if in fact he/she was here to stay by turning spontaneously down different paths and running off, he/she was not phased by these tests, he/she stayed. I couldn’t believe it, I felt myself becoming softer, more peaceful and smiled at the fact that he/she was with me. There was a bench right next to the water so I sat down and my friend lay down in the shade at the same time!
Aware of what was happening in my mind and body I decided to observe it and just let go, I made the decision to accept responsibility for the situation and then closed my eyes, leaned back into the bench with the sun shining in my face and breathed deeply. Moments later, my friend called and informed me that he managed to bring the cost down to a very minimal amount. I smiled and felt a huge release, then said thank you to the universe.
In conclusion, I know that by taking time out to just sit with whatever the situation was, accept responsibility and with the presence of my wise dog friend, all turned out well. I know that the moment I begin to hold on too tight to something, something spontaneous pops into my life to shake me up in order to let go. In this specific case, my lesson is about money. As I grow and restructure my beliefs and my relationship around money, these little lessons appear to keep me on the path of trust, flow and abundance.


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