7 ways to make your blog successful

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This article is one I found in Best Health magazine and lists 7 ways to make your blog successful.

This article states as of Jan. 2012 there were more than 181 million blogs, with some 84,000 new ones appearing every day. Therefore, if your primary motive for blogging is to make money just know the competition is tough and its hard to do. BUT it can be done.

If you want to stand out you need to be ‘crazy’ about your subject matter and you should enjoy engaging others online.

Here are your 7 tips:

1. JUST DO IT – It’s free to open an account and start a blog. You can look to such sites as wordpress.com and bloggers.com.

2. BE YOURSELF – People will be drawn to your site because they see you in your website – that you are authentic. People will be able to tell if you are trying to copy someone elses style.

3. POST CONSISTENTLY – There is no cut and dry rule on how many times to post in a day, week or month. They key is being consistent when you are starting out. I post 1 time a week with 2 or 3 different posts at a time. Don’t post 3 times per week and then not again for another month. People will get frustrated or loose interest.

4. TRACK YOUR STATS – If you are considering taking paid advertising you will provide readership numbers. There are numerous free services you can install on your site that tell you everything from how many unique visitors, how many pages are read, countries people visit from and so on. Some of the popular traffic counters include Google analytics, Alexa and StatCounter.

5. SUSS OUT LOGICAL AD BASE – If you blog focuses on local activities, you might want to approach local advertisers. You can create a package for example a welcome post and a contest giveaway once per ad term. For bloggers writing for a niche market may choose to approach specialized businesses that want to target their audience.

6. PROMOTE YOURSELF- Most people are on Facebook everyday but not necessarily your site so when you post your blog you can also post a note on your fan page. This will remind people to go to your site and read your blog – they can also bookmark it. Facebook is a very effective tool. Twitter is another place you can post your blogs. It also allows you to carry on a dialogue with readers, generate entusiasm and upcoming posts.

7. PUSH YOURSELF TO THE NEXT LEVEL – Create the opportunity to share your blog. It is scary at first to get out there and speak but keep in mind this is your passion. It raises your profile of both herself and her blog and thus business.

Enjoy the ride!

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