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Some of you are too young to really know Michael Jackson – The King of Pop.  He was an amazing musician, artist and visionary. He is also a man who had so much love for the world that he did not resonate with the “popular cultural” way of thinking and believing. He defied a time in which the US showed greed, manipulation, power and competition.  He is someone that just wanted to make the world a better place.

He really did not have a childhood in the traditional sense. He came from such a musical family however it was him who was thrown into the spotlight at such a young age.  His dream of Neverland – the complex he lived on for so many years – was a place where he can be  a child again – like Peter Pan – never wanting to grow up.  I am not talking about his maturity, I mean more him buying into again — the greed, manipulation, etc.

As he became older he resonated less and less with the way “we chose to live”.  In all this he did have his children and from what you hear he was a fabulous father.  He did become more eccentric and moved more and more away from the “popular culture”.  He was, in my opinion, falsely accused of a crime (sexually abusing children/being a pedophile) and it was this that really “broke his heart”.  I do not feel he ever fully recovered from the trials which cleared him in some sense, however some believed and may still that he is guilty of his crime.

Lesson & Awareness — as the children many are coming in with extraordinary talents. I hope that you do not allow “public pressure” to move you along in your childhood quicker than it has to be. This time in your life is so important in your life and YOU CAN NEVER RECAPTURE IT.

Be in the moment and enjoy your age: have fun, laugh, be silly, be adventurous, try new things, fall down and get up again, find you true friends, follow your heart and speak your truth.

I am so proud of my son who is off to camp for the first time. It must be a frightening experience in some ways and exhillirating in others.  He decided to stay for two more weeks even though “he misses me like crazy”. I told him I miss him too. I told him I am so proud of him. I know that this experience will have an impact on who he becomes.

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