On my holiday I took one book with me and that was Barbara Walters’ book AUDITION: A Memoir. The book is over 600 pages. To be honest I had no preconceived ideas about her as a person or her book. I know that she was on Oprah sharing her book and that an affair was discussed but that is it.

Like all people we have our life stories — each and everyone of us and EACH ONE HOLDS VALUE.

Barbara Walters’ memoirs provide a truly human experience – she is not a demi-G-d, she is not super human, her life is not perfect, the path wasn’t straight to the top RATHER, she “fell” into TV at a time when it was not fully respected nor understood, she found herself coming up against her male counterparts (there were some supporters) in an ALL male industry, she had three marriages that ended in divorce, she travelled a lot in her career which did impact her daughter even though little Jackie was surrounded by loving people, and finally her drive was not driven initially or even many years into her career by her ego and success RATHER she was driven by the need to support her family – mother, father and mentally challenged sister. She carried a lot of guilt and fear – two forces that riddled her life. The title of her book is very telling: AUDITION. As her family moved around a lot due to her father’s type of work – he was in show businesses and created large spectacular shows – she felt with each move she needed to audition for new friends, at a new school and so on. This skill, good or bad, I believe assisted her in her life and success.

Why do I tell you this? When I finished the book and read about her failures, her triumphs, her persistence, the knowledge and experience she gained, how she broke through many barriers for future women in television even if that wasn’t her initial reason d’être, her life showed me that “if she can do it so can I”.

THIS IS WHAT I PASS ON TO YOU … If you want something enough you will find the strength to follow your dream even when others tell you that you cannot do it.

My work is about shifting paradigms that “push” against the current systems. There were many times I resonated with Barbara and saw how she stood alone in her fight to be heard and listened to. She did find her supporters and through her persistence and hard work, her intuitive knowing as a journalist – she became and is an amazing interviewer. She knows how to ask good questions and more importantly she knows how to listen!

The economy is shaky and many are concerned with their jobs, putting food on the table and keeping a roof over their head. To me this is the perfect time to start to think about what you really want to do. I am not saying to quit your job rather start to volunteer for something that you are interested in, start writing at home a few hours a week .. take the time and start to invest in your dreams. The path and road are never straight. If you did this and became derailed then put yourself back on the track and continue from where you left off.

Harland “Colonel” Sanders took his chicken business to new heights at the age of 65 when he began to franchise Kentucky Fried Chicken.

The summer is coming to a close and with September the mind begins to shift to work, school for the kids and the last quarter for businesses.

It is also the time to put your dreams into action. Go for it.

If you are on holiday this week with your family, enjoy. Have a wonderful weekend.

All my love,


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