A Dose of Reality… what you doctor wants to say

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I wanted to share this article that I found in the October issue of Oprah magazine, p. 116 entitled, A Dose of Reality by Emma Haak.

The article is about what doctors would say to their patients if they could be blunt!

Listen up…

1. Your job is killing you: Sometimes it is your job that is killing you by causing so much stress in your life however it is not the place of a doctor to tell their patient where to work or not work. It is the role of the doctor to give you strategies to maintain your well-being. As one doctor says, “It’s hard to tell a patient she needs to find a new job, especially in this economy. But stress can have serious cardiovascular consequences. The bottom line is, if you don’t change the situation that’s causing the stress, you’re putting yourself at risk for stroke, heart attack, even sudden cardiac health.” Annabelle Volgman, MD, medical director of Chicago’s Rush Heart Center for Women.

2. The sun is bad for you period: “Some people believe they look healthier with a tan, or that they need UV rays to get vitamin D, even though you can get enough D from diet and supplements. Ideally, I’d jump straight to telling patients – especially those who are high at risk for skin cancer – that they should avoid sun exposure as much as possible. But the fact is, many patients, would ignore that advice. Behavioural adjustments take time. So I’ll start by encouraging them to at least avoid the sun during peak hours, for example. Getting the full message across may take years, but it’s so important: No one is immune to skin cancer. One in five Americans will develop the disease in their lifetime.”
Robert Kirsner, MD, chief of dermatology, University of Miami Hospital.

3. Googling can be a total waste of time: “I find people

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