THE INVITATION READ… My older son was invited to a birthday party via email from ECHOAGE, This 10 year old girl chose an ECHOage party and what that meant is that rather than receiving gifts she asked her party guests to donate whatever amount of money they chose and this money was pooled and given to a “cause” or charity of her choice.

This meaningful act allowed her to receive from her friends and then turn around and give back to a cause that she believed in.

I feel this is an excellent way to teach our children.

I CANNOT SAY MY YOUNGER ONE WILL BE INTO THIS YET. He just celebrated his birthday and it was a small gathering of family. This meant a smaller number of presents for him and this concerned him.  I am working on this.

I CAN ONLY LEAD BY EXAMPLE… Well as I said, I can only lead by example. This September, I will be giving the children allowance however this will be split three ways – one portion for them, one portion to go into savings – their bank, and the third to be collected and pooled and then given to a “cause” of their choice – feed the children, education, etc. Perhaps they will buy and donate computer stuff. I am not sure however I want the money to be used for a purpose – to empower other children so they too can have the ability to be all they can be.

I hope the feeling my children get from this is wonderful.

CHOOSE: – for your next party.

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