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For those who are open to the more spiritual ways and wonder what on earth is going on with the energy .. .please read what’s is going on for April:

2011 Aries New Moon by Dale Osadchuk

Neptune enters Pisces- Apr 04- 9.50am- Neptune has rulership over OIL. When
Neptune enters its own sign of Pisces from Apr 04 to Aug 04, 2011 the oil
crisis will intensify. We have been warned for years how dangerous our
dependence on oil is. Well now is the time is realize that is a truth and
not an illusion. But Neptune also has rulership over water and the oceans.
On Mar 31 Dr. Emoto (Messages from Water) asked us all to send healing
prayers to the water at the nuclear plant in Japan. Let us all continue to
do so and pray for healing and transformation. Neptune re-enters Pisces on
Feb 03, 2012 and will be there until 2026. It is difficult to predict what
actually might happen but the next 4 months will be a preview. Neptune is
like driving through fog and actually has rulership over FOG. It requires
total trust in our inner Divine Guidance.

Sun conjunct Jupiter in Aries- Apr 06- 10.40am- Use this wonderful aspect to
expand your creative inspiration and new vision. Just remember Mercury is
still retrograde so this is an inner rather than outer expansion. When
Mercury leaves his shadow on May 11 that will be the time to move into
inspired action.

Gemini Crescent Moon- Apr 07- 12.17pm- Continue to explore and expand your
new creative ideas. The Gemini Moon is supporting you to tell your story in
a new way. Just make sure your logical mind takes a back seat so your
intuitive guidance can shine.

Pluto turns retrograde- Apr 09- 4.50am- From now until Sept 16 the
Transformer is revisiting issues you have been trying to release since Dec
2010. Just know this is the opportunity to finally experience true
transformation but also remember what you resist persists. Sun conjunct
Mercury Rx in Aries- 3.36pm- Use this aspect to identify what ego issues
block you from being in your creative flow. This is a redefine and readjust
energy. Work with it and the transforming power that Pluto is promising.

Cancer First Quarter Moon- Apr 11- 8.06am- This is the make a decision, take
action, and breakthrough phase. Decide what no longer serves you and prepare
to let it go. The Moon in Cancer will guide you intuitively as you do the
releasing. Mars in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn- 4.41pm- Do not let this
activation cause frustration because that will lead to anger. Be the
Spiritual Warrior as you continue to breakthrough to the new. Mercury Rx
conjunct Jupiter in Aries- 11.59pm- The day ends with the opportunity to
really identify what you no longer need. Use this aspect to let go
effortlessly and easily.

Virgo Gibbous Moon- Apr 14- 6.25pm- This is the phase to focus on healing
mind, body, and spirit so you can expand your gifts to give the Universe.
Use this time to connect within and strengthen your Sacred Center.

Libra/Aries Super Full Moon- Apr 17- 10.45pm- This is the final Super Full
Moon in the series of 3 we have experienced since Feb 18. Hopefully this one
will not have the same Earth related incidents. What this Full Moon focuses
on is finding emotional balance between self and other. It is also about
justice, fairness, and harmony for the world. Use this Full Moon to pray for
the Earth Mother and all her kingdoms. Be the change you want to see in the

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