A movie for the times we are in: Blue Jasmine

Posted Friday, September 27th, 2013. Filed Under Voices of wisdom

I went to see Woody Allen’s new movie, Blue Jasmine and really enjoyed it. It was far from ‘light’ yet I walked out of that movie thinking to myself that this movie is so representative of where we are as a world, right now: illusion/delusion vs truth and even then it took disappointment and questioning to come to finally admit the truth – something that was right in front on the one character’s face the whole time.

Some of us will continue to live in a world of delusion and illusion. It is my feeling that these people will suffer by refusing to admit the truth. What is the truth? Only that individual can answer that question. By not recognizing or admitting our truth the same situations may continue, the same drama will continue… only you can stop this.

For the person who wishes to know the truth… this too may be a journey for admitting the truth can cause things to change in your life. Most of us hate change. Change, however, can represent opportunities, new experiences and a world opening up that you cannot imagine. Change for many brings fear of unknown. To get to the point of being in truth and then acting on it means you have to be willing to accept change is coming and embrace it.

This is scary for most.

The decision is yours and it doesn’t have to happen today. You will know when it is right for you to embrace the truth. At such time don’t look back and ask yourself why did you wait so long. It doesn’t matter. Every journey is unique.

I want to wish everyone a wonderful weekend.

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