A Time of Learning About Patience, Acceptance and Trust

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Our lessons come in many ways and through various experiences. The Aviva contest has been a time for much learning for me. First, I learned and really always knew that I am a hard worker who expects the results to come. The problem is I am also a perfectionist and I expect others to have the same work ethic and thus the same results as me. Well, that is not the case. People work in their own way and do their best.

I also know that I am constantly being tested with my lack of patience. I am really working on this one for I know that things happen in their own time and in their own way. There has been the great lesson of acceptance of people and who they are and finally, learning to trust in the outcome.

I am really taking my beliefs to another level. When we did get into the semi-finals I had all but given up. We did our best and according to the numbers we lost by 15 votes YET I received an email saying that we made it into the semi-finals. WHY? Well, from our deductions, some groups were caught cheating. We can truly say that all of our supporters are real and do exist and that we have spent blood, sweat and tears to get them registered. It also showed me that the universe/G-d provided and it was in its own way.

Going into the semi-finals renewed my belief and has not wavered since. I know that despite our numbers good things are happening. My group has energetically finally pulled itself together. When we did that the energy started to shift. We were able to be on a local TV program, be interviewed on one of the largest sports radio program in Toronto, and have an article featuring us as one of two groups from the Thornhill area in the semi-finals for Aviva. I just know that G-d is working on our side. Learning to trust is something that I feel is so important. The key is that once you have done the work – for us it is getting the media attention, collecting names and so on .. then we must let it go and trust and know that the Universe/G-d will provide what we need.

What we need is 3-4,000 votes for our Aviva Kidz2Kidz idea. So here it is, I am declaring that I am letting the outcome go.

One of the major themes right now for me is acceptance. So what is that exactly? I am not talking about excusing someone’s behaviour, or forgiving someone for what they’ve done or who they are, RATHER I am talking about fully accepting the situation, who the person is, and/or that this is their best.

To accept means I need to get rid of expectation and forgiveness for there is not need to forgive someone when they are who they are. I may not like it however that’s my problem. Disappointment comes from expectation so I am learning to not go to this place. The good thing is I have a choice of the people I want to surround myself with, work with and so on. I want to work with people that can execute and make things happen.

If you have a friend, colleague or even significant other you may need to look at them in a different way and see that while it may not be to your liking they may be doing the best that they can. When you shift your thinking often things begin to change. The person all of the sudden begins to shine in their area of strength.

I am grateful for the “Aviva” lessons: patience, acceptance and learning to truly let go of the outcome.

I am also grateful that I have come across some really amazing ideas that were submitted to Aviva pertaining to youth. I see some great synergies out there and look forward to the next stage of this work.

Have a wonderful weekend. Here is an exercise – before you yell at someone or become disappointed, step back and ask yourself am I upset because of my own expectations or is it something else. I know what I will say is a tough thing but when someone upsets us it is usually a trigger in ourselves. We are ultimately fully responsible for our every action.

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