A time to open up to the holidays and a shift into a new time

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I want to express my deepest sadness for the recent shooting and deaths of the people and children who died in Conneticut. I was talking to a friend of mine and she said that every time she walks into her daughter’s school now she thinks about how it would feel if it were her daughter’s class? Her class would be wiped out. It is sad, a tragedy and something we can learn from. WHAT?

Whenever there is a tragedy I find that we tend to focus on the “wrong” areas. The young man who went in and shot those kids was indeed troubled. Some people have diagnosed him with a form of Autism however this was not diagnosed officially. Are we to assume or make the link that a person with Autism is dangerous and would do something like this? The answer is NO. I read an incredible article from a man that has Autism and while he felt for the families he said that he and his friends are not violent at all.

Did the man who shot the kids suffer from mental illeness? Many would say yes. Was it treated? I don’t know. To me there are two focuses, our system that deals with (or doesn’t) mental illness and gun accessibility, that need to be addressed. The lessons are there for us to learn.

In the time of tragedies like the Conneticut one, how can we move forward and enjoy the holidays? More than ever it is a time to look around and appreciate those people in our life, especially our young ones. They are our future. When you sit in Church for Christmas and wonder how can God let the killing of children happen, please know that we all have our journey. It is hard to understand however these children’s journey came to an end. Yes, in an aburptful manner. The death of these children will not go in vain, hopefully it will bring change. I understand tha Obama is looking to pass a bill on some sort of gun control. Good! Hopefully the issue of mental health will be addressed as well. I know in Ontario, Canada our system is failing our young. The wait times for young kids with issues to get into much needed programs can long. This is unacceptable.

As you come to the holidays and Christmas this year, open your hearts and embrace this world. It is time to come together and see the good in one another. Lately, over the last few years, this has happened only AFTER a tragedy occurs. We can change that now.

The level of fear has risen to heights due to the message being passed around, “with the end of the Mayan calendar, comes the end of the world”. This is not true. We are ending one phase and moving into another one. It is hard to imagine this being a good time, a peaceful time. We must start somewhere.

The greatest honour you can show these children and their families is to show kindess and love to those that are living.

Tomorrow on the 21st of December, please find a time and some space to be in nature. Take a deep breath.

I am sending all my love and light,


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