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Tonight on the Oprah network, Oprah paid tribute to Whitney Houston. She showed a fairly recent interview between her and Whitney Houston. It was wonderful and portrayed Whitney in a vulnerable, yet beautifully aware light. Oprah asked her some very tough questions and Whitney answered them all. She spoke eloquently and in truth.

I didn’t realize that Whitney was such good friends with Michael Jackson. At one point Oprah showed a clip of Whitney and Michael performing. This was a time in their lives that both of them were on drugs and not doing very well. Whitney commented how at that time she looked at Michael and said she was worried about him. She also commented that he was a mirror to her and that she too was not doing very well. Her world was crumbling. She needed to make a change. I am not sure at that time she did.

Oprah often referred to Whitney as “The Voice”; that she was given a gift that “belonged” to all. Whitney became an icon after her album, The Bodyguard, shot her to stardom beyond her belief. Whitney’s truth is that she just wanted to be a wife, mother, daughter, sister … put on her jeans and t-shirt. She took her wedding vows very seriously and she was willing to fight for her marriage. In this process she lost herself – she was the pleaser!

Her mother was her rock and her guide in her life. She is the reason that Whitney finally left her marriage and took her daughter to California. She obviously struggled with many things until her death. SHe struggled to love and honour herself and chose drugs as her way to bury pain and avoid truth. She told Oprah that she knew she was unhappy however she wouldn’t speak her truth to anyone, including her mother.

Some people may feel that Whitney had everything – money, fame, a strong maternal family … but really she was a pleaser who lost her voice and truth. Whitney is human, like you and me, she just wanted to love and be loved. Really, the first person she needed to love and honour was herself. She did talk about her unwavering belief in G-d and his love for her. This is one of the things that helped get her through the dark times in her life.

I hope that people learn from this and that the illusion that we hold of these stars is just that an illusion. They suffer, they have pain, they have joy and they have laughter. We all have a gift. Whitney had a gift that brought her much joy and much pain. We must be careful to not take our gift too seriously — if we do we can lose ourselves in it. I can speak about my book writing. I love to write however when I got caught up in finishing the book and what is going to happen after, I lost my purpose and joy. I have since stepped back and come back to writing and I am loving it. THe book is flowing and I want to have it done by March break.

Love your gift, but always stay true to yourself. Do not look at the world of Hollywood or Sports stars, for many times what you see is not really WHO they are; it is the image that either we have created for them or they have created for themselves. Dust to Dust …. we all come from the same place and end in the same place.

If you had a passion or love and put it aside or lost interest, revisit it and ask yourself what you loved about it? Why did you put it aside? If you return to your passion and decide, “Yes I miss this and it feels good/right” then please consider bringing it back into your life in the way that is right for you. If you return to your passion and feel, “No, this is not what I want or this doesn’t feel right” then just thank it for being in your life and let it go!

I want to wish you a wonderful weekend.

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