A Woman’s Path To Financial Awareness

Posted Friday, February 12th, 2010. Filed Under Financial Empowerment

I wanted to share this story for some, if not many, will relate. When I heard this story it confirmed for me the need to create a financial empowerment workshop. It’s ALL ABOUT YOU and we want to break things down to the simple so you can make really good decisions for you and your family.

My best friend was at dinner with another group of friends to celebrate a few birthdays. She was having a conversation with this woman friend, 32 or 33 years old, who has recently been separated (in the last year or so). It was fascinating to her that this woman shared that she had to bring in an accountant to show her everything from A to Z to do with her finances. She left everything to her ex-husband – EVERYTHING. She did not know anything about mortgages, her accounts, paying bills. I mean she knew nothing.

As my best friend relayed the story to me she looked at me and said, this woman is the perfect candidate to come to your workshop.

For many there is some awareness of their finances, however there are a lot of women who really have no clue.

Taking back your power is really a choice. Let us be part of this and empower you on your journey of financial awareness.

We also want to tell you that the 2bempowered site will be changing it’s look to incorporate additions – make it user friendly.

Please send us your questions and we will address them.

All of our best,

Sandra & Maritza

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