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Sandra FinkelsteinMy name is Sandra Finkelstein, CEO of 2bempowered Inc. It is through my own journey that I have come to understand the importance of knowing WHO I AM, both personally and professionally. Without this clarity it is easy to blame others for not achieving your desired results. You can learn to shift this when you begin to take responsibility for your outcome. Being a mother to two boys, I have taken the responsibility not only for myself, where I can lead by example and walk my talk, rather, also for them and what type of world I want to see for them. The children are our future leaders. We live in a world where the internet has pushed for transparency, truth and awareness. People and companies can no longer hide. They must learn to walk their talk; they are being forced to be accountable and responsible for their choices and actions otherwise they may find a tweet or posting which is not favourable. Ultimately, I look to bridge the gap between our youth and the baby boomers; the people who run our companies. To do this means going within and evaluating corporate cultures.

My vision is to educate, inspire and empower…leading you on your path of awareness, growth and development. I love working with people with the intention of empowering them to gain a better sense of themselves or their business. It is about fostering relationships based on mutual trust and respect.

I approach my work in a team-like manner; it is my desire to empower the individual and/or company to come their own awareness about who they are, their purpose and their Y. I use innovative and creative techniques to achieve this. My intention is to empower to the point that you can take what you have learned and implement it in a way that makes sense for you or your corporation. I feel that every person and likewise, every corporate culture,is unique and needs to stay true to this.

I have utilized my learning and experience along with my formal education: English, Human Resource Management, Marketing, Stress and Wellness, Energy Body Work and leadership courses to create 5 workshops for individual empowerment along with an innovative program for corporate culture branding and identity through stages of analysis along with employee motivation and engagement analysis.

The greatest feeling is when I have facilitated a learning and growth that brings the person or company to a new level. I have included a resources section to assist you on this path of learning and growth which includes motivational books, Spiritual books, Sites, DVD’s/Movies-on-line to name a few.

I believe strongly in giving back to the community and started a “charity arm” of 2bempowered Inc., Kidz2Kidz. This initiative is about guiding our children to be the agents of change and having them make a difference in someone else’s life.


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