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We are in the dog days of summer. I hope you are keeping cool. Sometimes it’s hard to feel motivated when it’s hot. That’s when an accountability partner really helps. What’s an accountability partner? It’s some one who has pledged to stand for you to keep moving forward to your goals, just like you’re standing for her to move her forward to her goals. Here is my accountability partner Beatrice, the owner of a marketing and branding firm. Each morning we call each other for five minutes. We tell each other what we got done the day before and we commit to goals to get accomplished that day. We cheer each other’s successes and we support each other when things don’t go right. It’s easy for m e to get my goals done because I don’t want to not honor my commitment to her as well as to myself. This works wonders for people who work more often by themselves. We occasionally plan time for longer phone calls to share opinions, and because we’re both in NY, we even planned a face-to-face get together.

Owning a business is sometimes very lonely. Surrounding yourself with accountability partners, mastermind groups, and advisors moves you forward faster. You get lots of benefits including accountability, ideas that introduce you to what you don’t know that you don’t know, an expanded network of contacts for clients and strategic partners, and friendly support. Who do you have in your world to hold you accountable, move you further faster, introduce you to a bigger network and give you support? A business coach is a trusted advisor and I’m happy to play that role for you and/or help you hook up with an accountability partner.

For me, I work with a group of women, a mastermind group, that meets every 2 weeks. In that meeting we discuss our goals and intentions and what steps we take to achieve what we desire, the challenges and successes. We then look to our next two weeks and 3 things we want to achieve. This group keeps me accountable.

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