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THE ALL ABOUT WOMEN section comes from a passion to empower and challenge women to take the baby steps to change that will help you in your own journey of self awareness. It is a choice, a free will to take these steps and sometimes it can often feel difficult and lonely, like you are the only one going through something. This is a community of women to share our feelings, experiences, knowledge, successes and failures, wisdom and awareness with one another; to know that we are not alone. – ALL ABOUT WOMEN – goes beyond me and my articles, and really opens itself to collaboration and sharing by women from all walks of life, all ages, and from all over the world to give you different perspectives.

As I have progressed along my journey, I have learned that we do have the answers within us. It is when I took accountability and responsibility for my choices that I was able to learn to love myself, honour myself, find my truth and worth and thus begin to create the life that I want. It meant holding the mirror up, and sometimes I didn’t like what I saw. Nevertheless, this allowed me to let go and release that which was holding me back and create what I did want. I took back my power and went from questioning WHO AM I? to WHO I AM! I am breaking cycles, healing and leading by example: My empowerment! Often, my children have been my mirrors that lead to this change. I do my best and sometimes I fall down, as I am human. Whenever I fall, I “get up” again, and learn and grow.

What I am describing is the most important relationship and that is the one with yourself. As you learn to take back your power and find your inner truth and strength all of your external relationships will begin to shift as well: family, spouse/significant other, children, finances, wellness, work, and more.

One area I do want to focus on for women is “The Corporate Woman” of today. It is my belief that there is a much needed shift happening today. At one time we believed that to succeed particularly in the corporate world we needed to behave like men: aggressive, cunning, and survival of the fittest/step on those in our way. I do not believe that this is true today and it does not serve us well. There is a shift, not just for women however men as well that we need to find our balance within: male and female energies. We need to be more authentic to who we are. This means drawing on our masculine energy in terms of speaking our truth, setting boundaries/saying no and honouring who we are. The feminine side is our more compassionate and nurturing side; the side that can empathize and sympathize with our fellow colleagues an customers/clients. This creates stronger and more authentic relationships. There are times you will need to be firm and strong and there are times that you will be more understanding and compassionate. Follow your heart and the more that you know who you are the more that you will be able to listen to your heart and gut.

You will find two different blog articles for women.

VOICES OF WISDOM Blog VOICES OF WISDOM/KNOWLEDGE – This blog has both me, and other women sharing their voices through articles and stories, insights, awareness and more. I feel it is so important to share for we must remember that we are never alone and if you are going through something I can guarantee you, so is someone else! Many may question yourself, how can I personally grow? These articles are meant to assist you on your path of self development.

FINANCE BLOG FINANCE BLOG – This blog is about women’s relationship not only to themselves and their worthiness also their relationship to money and abundance. We find that women, including many of my girl friends, tend to defer to their husbands, spouse or significant other when it comes to their financial awareness and literacy. This blog will have myself and other guests contributing to questions asked and articles written. The idea is to break things down to the easy to use and understand. Click above for full details on this section.

You will also find many different resources :
 motivational books, spiritual books, children books, sites, magazines, DVDs/On-Line Movies, courses/teleclasses, and people that have inspired me. It is an evolving site and you can expect to see new ideas and recommendations every week – both from me and others. I am looking forward to your contributions, and to sharing your journey with others.

Every part of this website has been created deliberately. The butterfly symbolize the transformation that we each experience along our journey. Once we have our “aha!” moment and awareness, we begin to shed another layer in the process of discovering our true self. The colours I have chosen in my website reflect one of the colours of the seven chakras. Finally, I chose to create this as a community site because I believe that the changes we each make within ourselves will bring about the larger changes we seek to see in our world. Through collaboration, sharing, and uniting, we can begin to see wonderful changes in our world.

I am extremely grateful to my girlfriends. This site is dedicated to them for their unconditional love. To Randee, thank you for helping me unfold my vision.


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