All Relationships are a Work-in-Progress (WIP)

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I can only speak for myself and my close friends who seem to be paralleling what I am going through in their own way, that we are challenging, questioning and being honest about our relationships. When I say ALL relationships are a work-in-progress I am talking about not just the one with your family, children, friends, etc. rather also the one you have with yourself – how much you are unconditionally loving, trusting and honouring yourself and your desires – the relationship you have with your health – mind, body and soul – the relationship you have with receiving abundance and so on. It is all encompassing.

We are at the crossroads in life energetically as we speak and it is time to rid ourselves of the ways which no longer serve us, that we no longer want in our life and that are holding us back. It is easy to say and much harder to do because our wonderful Egos will do everything to sabotage that movement forward. As with everything it begins with baby steps. And so today, as I sat in my friend’s kitchen I told her that to diminish and rid myself of this questioning I will trust: trust that the universe provides what I desire.

If I asked you, meaning anyone who reads this, do you trust? many of you will answer, “of course I trust”. While you want to believe this, the truth is many of us do not trust and what happens is that we try and control the situation and outcome by making choices that actually counter what we do want or intend. Through our own controlling actions we delay and even sabotage what we truly want. Why? Because we are not fully trusting. When we hire someone – a lawyer, an accountant, a tax specialist, an investment person, a builder, a contractor – we tell them what our desired outcome is and then we need to trust that they will bring the desired result. Does that mean that you walk away and do not monitor the situation? NO, it is your health, your money, your home, your personal life so of course being aware and asking questions along the way is prudent but there is a fine line between being aware and being controlling. I know because I have been on both ends. I choose to be on the one that is more trusting and being aware than being controlling because I know that this comes from fear.

As we move along in our growth and awareness we may likely shift the way we respond to a relationship. Depending where you are in your life, you may be focussing on one relationship versus others as they are running “smoothly” and require less attention. Again, that does not mean that you forget about that relationship, no all relationships are a work-in-progress and need continual attention. A good example is a couple that is together. When the relationship begins a lot of attention is given to this relationship and it’s fun and exciting. Over time people get comfortable and begin to back off and just go with the same ol. Every relationship, including the one with yourself, needs constant attention and reminder that this is worth it; That I love this person, myself, what I am doing or whatever it is.

I believe that to build a strong relationship it takes “two feet in at ALL times”, trust in yourself and one another, and acceptance for who each other is. As I grow so do all my relationships. My work-in-progress is fully trusting myself, the universe and those in my life that I love and care about. I ask that you do the same for yourself and those relationships that are important to you.

It’s an exciting time. The only relationship that is not a work in progress is the one that you have ended and let go of otherwise you will always be working on something in that relationship. If you have a partner, you may find that the balance of where the focus goes will change depending on what is going on in your life. That’s ok, it’s about interdependence: it’s not all about you nor all about them.

This weekend take a look in the mirror and congratulate yourself for where you are at in your life for that relationship is a work-in-progress and can change at any time you choose. You can live the life you want, now. Then look around at those you love and see if you are giving this relationship the attention it deserves. If so, great continue to foster and nourish that relationship, if not, then ask yourself how you can change this? It’s not up to the other person to change or even be aware. Then as you begin to make the desired changes, trust and let go that the outcome will come. Any sort of controlling or manipulating will backfire, delay or even sabotage the desired outcome.

I want to wish everyone a wonderful weekend.

All my love,


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