THIS STORY TOUCHED MY HEART I am part of a group of spiritual women called the Spirituelle Divas. I received the latest newsletter, which I contributed. As I was reading other’s work I came across this story. It was so beautiful — talks about loss and in spite of this, Lynda Fishman, through choices and baby steps, is able to find a rewarding life.

We are upon the New Year and we can set our intentions of how we want to live our life. I will deal with this next week. In the meantime, read what Lynda has to say about her experience and take what resonates!

Rescue Others – Rescue Yourself
Air Canada flight 621 crashed on July 5, 1970, killing all 109 passengers and crewmembers. My mother and two younger sisters were on that plane. I was 13 years old.

The flight from Montreal to California had a stopover in Toronto. One of the pilots attempted to operate the lever controlling the air brake while the plane was still 60 feet above the runway. The deployment of the ground spoiler system resulted in the aircraft losing its lift and subsequently crashing to the ground.

At the age of 44, my devastated and immobilized father buried a wife and two young children. He then simply continued to exist, overcome by grief and intense sorrow, in a state devoid of hope. His spirit was gone but his clock continued to tick. He never recovered.

At 13 years of age, I was faced with the ominous responsibility of a father in a complete state of despair, a house to take care of, and what felt like hundreds of well-meaning relatives and friends telling us exactly what to do and how to proceed with our shattered lives.

My life completely collapsed around me. Hope seemed so far out of reach, but I took baby steps. I refused to give up. I never let go of my hope and faith in the future. Somehow, I intuitively believed that despite the pain, I could make some good choices, write my own story, and create my own journey. At every juncture, I had to decide whether to succumb to or overcome the sorrow. You always have choices. You can give up or you can go on. I chose to go on. I chose life. We always have choices.

I am in the final editing stages of my book entitled “Repairing Rainbows” which I hope to have published in March of 2010. My intention was not to write a depressing book about tragedy and loss. It is an inspiring story of an unusual and challenging journey from lost childhood to rewarding adulthood. It reveals a positive and determined view of ‘life’ with highlights of the insidious nature of its nemesis – death – in all its guises. There is a crucial difference between ‘truly living’ and the existence that is so often mistaken for being alive.

I wrote about what I feel are important lessons to help others overcome struggles and obstacles, and fulfill their lives. My hope is that by sharing my heartbreaking, yet triumphant story, others will be uplifted; that my journey and untiring search to bring positivity and meaning into my life and knowing that we always have choices, will help others overcome the struggles and obstacles of their lives.

I have learned through the years that one of the most effective ways of dealing with a difficult situation is to be busy or distracted. Too much time to “think” can be very dangerous. The greatest gift we can give to ourselves is a project or activity that keeps us busy and is extremely pleasurable at the same time.

A few months ago, after our camp season was done, someone left a box of young kittens on the side of the road that leads into Adventure Valley. Since there are no coincidences in life, I believe it was meant to be that someone just happened to walk by and heard the kittens crying in the box. Next thing I knew, I was at the Vet with three young, healthy and adorable kittens.

I saw this as a gift from the Universe – a wonderful thing to be busy with and an opportunity to make a difference. It is also remarkable how animals have such a natural ability to show gratitude and appreciation. My Vet told me that there is a desperate need for foster homes for young kittens, and that because of the shortage of foster homes, healthy kittens are being euthanized every day.

We immediately transformed my daughter’s bedroom and adjacent washroom into a kitten nursery – litter box, food and water bowls, a cozy pet bed and plenty of toys. The kittens required a lot of time and attention, but they were an absolute joy. Within a few weeks they were chubby and old enough to be adopted. We found wonderful homes for them and have heard from the families that they are precious and cherished pets.

We have since then become an official kitten rescue home and received a new litter of four very young kittens that were found in a box outside of PetSmart. We bottle-fed and litter-trained these tiny kittens, and have watched them grow and develop into absolutely adorable and affectionate little pets. They love playing together and zooming around chasing each other. They are in great health, fully litter box trained, playful, cuddly, entertaining and very social. They love lots of attention! We found a wonderful home for one of them, and are now trying to find a home for the other three. Two of them are extremely bonded to each other so keeping them together in one home would be best for them. It is a delight to be busy looking after these kittens and I look forward to finding wonderful homes for them.

If you are interested in adopting one or two kittens, or in becoming a kitten foster home, please let me know, (Lynda is based out of Toronto, Canada)
By Lynda Fishman

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