Are we at the End or Beginning of civilization?

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I don’t know about you however I am hearing words like “End of the World” and “Apocalyptic”…. yes it is true that the Mayan Calendar is ending this December 21st, 2012. We have been in a 5,125 year-long cycle. Is it a beginning or an end? I believe the answer lies in your level of awareness both with yourself and the universe as a whole.

My friends and I welcome the ending of this long cycle for it has been an energy based in fear, ego, manipulation, “male energy” (that is not only referring to men but women as well), hierarchy, judgement, war and hatred. Will it all go away on Dec. 21st- NO what will end is the energy that has been supporting this previous way of thinking, believing and behaving.

The universe or call it what you will has been setting itself up to welcome and usher in a more balanced energy of masculine and feminine. What this means is a shift from the “old way” of thinking of dominance and fear and move towards collaboration, compassion, unconditional love and working together towards a better world for ALL humankind. This is best seen in the countries who can no longer sustain their way of being – they are broke (i.e. Italy, Spain, Portugal and many more who are in trouble); there are countries that their administration has toppled or will soon; we have been faced with numerous storms that have devastated areas of the world; and frustration – people are saying, “we have had enough”. Things need to change. We also are in a time of speaking our truth and challenging systems, however in a respectful manner which can be executed and sustained. What is coming to light are the manipulative ways that governments have been behaving – payoffs for contracts and so on.

Those entrenched in the “old way” do not want to let go of what they know, whether it is in human kinds best interest or not. They will lose this battle because the energy does not support his behaviour and way of thinking anymore.

I love this quote sent to me two days ago from TUT messages:

Sandra, letting go is always easier than holding on.
And it’s how the new stuff will find you.
You new stuff magnet,
The Universe

This week has been about letting go of old patterns, thoughts, beliefs, habits that no longer serve us. As we just witnessed the US election, we saw a race that divided a country between those that wanted to bring back the “old way” versus Obama, who for many look to for change and hope. Whether you like President Obama or not, what he represents is CHANGE – the Republicans can no longer say NO to everything and the Democrats must come to a compromise. The two sides are being forced to work together as both sides know their country is in a financial mess. THINGS NEED TO CHANGE. It will come down to compromise, collaboration and rising above one side or the other; if the U.S. is really about a UNITED STATES then they must begin to walk their talk.

Canada has their own issues – we are just much quieter about it. Quebec government is a disaster as there have been the unmasking of payoffs and lies. I am sure that Quebec does not stand alone. Our government has earmarked their money to whom they want and choose for contracts.

Knowing what we know, do we welcome a shift and change in our behaviour to bring about a better world? I have been letting go of things all week. I mentioned last week about letting go of my chalet that has been in my family for 24 years. I cried, took pictures and then I let it go. I have the memories. I look to what is currently in my life and I am grateful. It will be different, especially renting a place, yet there is still a place for me, my children, boyfriend and his daughter to go up to. Thank you for that!

I will be leaving my gym because from the sale of the chalet I took the entire gym we had up north to my home in the city. A dream come true. I have been with my gym for 23 years as well.

Finally, I am looking to leave my bank, a bank I have been with for nearly 40 years. There is a lot of change happening in my life. Rather than fight it, I am doing my best to embrace it.

I see the letting go as a way to open up to what I do want. I read my intention sheet recently for 2012 and it was interesting to see how far I have come to realizing my dream. It is amazing.

I can only speak for myself and I am welcoming the new energy of the end of 2012 and beginning of 2013. I see it as an ending of old ways and a beginning of new ways. I am joining the team of people who are ready to challenge systems and be a guide and inspiration for the younger people who have not yet learned to use their voice effectively and with an empowered force.

It will come down to you, your beliefs, how tied you are to the past, how ready you are to embrace something new. There is nothing to fear. Fear is an illusion that our ego creates. I know I have an overactive ego or I should say, did. I have learned ways to quiet my ego.

I know I am: worth of receiving abundance in all areas of my life. As much as I receive I look to giving back. I speak my truth, follow my heart and dreams and walk my talk. Am I perfect, yes as we all are. More important I am human and so I will make mistakes. I can live with mistakes … it’s what I do with the mistake that counts.

As you go into this weekend, enjoy, look around at what you have. For those in the U.S., you will be celebrating Thanksgiving next week. See what you are holding onto so dearly and ask yourself, why? Do this still work for me in my life? Change may happen quickly, as in the sale of my chalet, or it may take a little longer. Read the quote I posted above over and over again until you feel that letting go is easier than holding on. Open yourself up for something new. Some of you may have change imposed on you – being let go of a position or job in whatever format it comes; some are dealing with the devastation of the Storm Sandy – loss of your home or place of work and this may mean loss of income; Some may have lost a loved on recently rather quickly. Please take time to mourn this loss and then when you are ready, let it go. Of course, losing a loved one cannot be replaced… losing our possessions – it can be replaced. You will always have the memories.

Enjoy your weekend and absorb what I have said. Take what resonates and make it your own.

All my love,


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