Are you a circle in a square world?

Posted Friday, February 19th, 2016. Filed Under Corporate - Tips/Tools Blog

I re-entered the workforce last year after being home with my children for nearly 15 years. For all those parents (not just mothers) that chose to stay home with their children I applaud you for you have done the hardest job of all – more than any CEO or president: you are shaping the minds of tomorrow; creating the leaders of tomorrow; all to say in a volatile, fast-paced, global world.

In 2009 I created an empowerment website which I’ve expanded to three (Voice of Youth and Kidz2kidz) now three websites read worldwide. I researched, wrote and self-published a book geared to the millennial youth: We’re not Gonna Take It A youth’s toolbag of essential life skills for transitioning from high school to post-secondary education to the workplace. I created in 2010 Kidz2kidz with my sons and a few families which collects gently used sports and leisure equipment for kids and families less fortunate. I have been asked to be a speaker a dozen times… and the when I put my resume together last year, one, I heard back from almost NONE of the jobs I applied for and was told that I would be lucky to earn $25K/year and/or second HR professionals/Head hunters said I lacked the skills needed for today.

Sound familiar to our children graduating from maybe their second degree, master or PhD program.

I have honed my life skills: leadership, communication, decision-making, financial literacy and team player to name a few YET because I did not have all of the i’s dotted and t’s crossed I was bypassed.

I am a visionary and forward thinking person who is entrepreneurial in spirit. I see exactly what is coming down the pipeline for our children and it is scary.

We hire for a job (description) rather than for skills and potential. It has been frustrating because I feel like a circle that exists in a square world. The good thing is that I am finding more and more ‘circles’ who think like me. I want to reassure those people who feel, think and BE (act) differently to continue to


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