Are You Ready To Take Back Your Financial Power?

Posted Thursday, January 7th, 2010. Filed Under Financial Empowerment

2010 IS A TIME FOR ACCOUNTABILITY AND RESPONSIBILITY – TRUTH For so many years you have passed on the responsibility of your finances to others — this way you can “blame” others, the market, or whomever crosses your path for not bringing you to the place you want to be financially.

I am determined to shake you up and empower you to take back your power – to at least, in the minimum know where you stand, where your money is and in the most become an active part of this process.

We will continue the format – articles one time per month and questions asked and answered the other time per month. You will see something new every two weeks.

I am looking forward to creating workshops for women regarding financial empowerment. I want to reduce the fear around your finances. I believe it starts with building a trusting and wonderful relationship with you.

Thank you for letting me and Maritza into your lives. We love hearing from you — your questions and feedback.

Happy New Year. 2010 is going to be a great year – abundance in all areas.

The next article is about setting intentions: be clear. This will include being responsible for your choices and actions.

Enjoy your two weeks, until then….

All our best,

Sandra & Maritza

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