Why Luck Is Dependent On Your Actions By Tim Ryan – June 28, 2012

We give luck on its own too much credit. It’s something we point to in order to explain serendipitous events or even accomplishments. Some credit luck in landing them the right job, others use it to explain how they closed a big contract or to justify the success of their company.

Yet, luck remains a small part of a much bigger puzzle. Even winning the lottery, something most would consider pure luck, involves much more. Winners often have played dozens if not hundreds of times and it requires a certain amount of discipline to pick out your numbers each week and outlay the money in order to pay for the tickets. The reality is we make our own luck – it’s rarely something that’s independent of our own actions. With respect to our careers, putting yourself in the right position to be “lucky” is becoming increasingly important. The days of a well-defined career path are over – some of the most prominent roles that companies are looking to fill now didn’t even exist ten years ago. This creates much in the way of confusion and uncertainty, but according to the Jocelyn Glei of The 99 Percent blog there’s much that can be done.
1. Explore
Ensure you’re exploring the full breadth of tools at your disposal – the tools you’re using today, won’t necessarily be the same ones you use tomorrow. Understand what works and what doesn’t.
2. Form a tribe
Form a tribe of like-minded individuals. This becomes a powerful network of connections that are your eyes and ears across companies, industries, and countries. You never know where someone might end up.
3. Help people
No one is an island and you can be sure at one stage you’ll be in a position where you could use some help. A great way to get help is by first going out of your way to help others. Avoid being the one asking all the time.
4. Keep learning
There’s any number of ways to keep sharp and to continue building your skill-set, from Code Academy that provides an easy way to learn how to program software or Skillshare that connects you with workshops across the country, it’s easy to grow your knowledge base.
5. Look to what’s next, stay ahead
When it comes to your career, make sure you’re the one taking the lead. Don’t expect employers to put you first or ‘groom’ you for special roles. Staying ahead means constantly thinking about where you want to be and ensuring the steps you’re taking are going to get you there. You don’t want to be asking these questions when you’re burnt out or desperately looking for a change.

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