Article: Marketing: Is SEO DOA?

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I wanted to share this article for start ups and businesses considering revamping their sites. This article is from the National Post, Monday, May 2, 2011 by Deborah L. Cohen.

For people considering overhauling their company’s website they need to think twice about what value to place on Search Engine Optimization. Some will argue that it is an outdated strategy and you are throwing your money away. Others argue that SEO still plays an important role and is a popular means of boosting an organization’s presence in Internet searches with keywords and relevant Web links. According to Dave McClure, a prominent angel investor and founding partner of Silicon Valley Tech incubator 500 start-ups, he feels that SEO matters and it can lead to “huge amounts of monetization on the Web, huge amount of traffic – organically and paid”.

Mr. Chris Dixon, chief executive of online company Hunch says that while talking to a lot of start ups, almost none that he knew of, post-2008 had gained significant traction through SEO. He feels it is no longer a viable marketing strategy for start ups.

For me the answer usually lies in the middle. Dave McClure says just this… “SEO must be viewed as part of a more comprehensive strategy that gives increased weight to newly emerging platforms.” It is also pointed out that higher standards for quality are making effective SEO even more time-consuming, adding to the difficulty faced by start ups with limited resources at their disposal.

What people are doing is using SEO in a more balanced approached — not the be-all. It is suggested to use SEO in combination with public relations, blogging, pay per click, email and social media to gain momentum from clients. I also suggest the old-fashioned way of face-to-face where you can. Nothing replaces human touch, kindness, understanding and listening.

Please do not discount SEO for it still plays a role especially for small businesses. People are still using search engines, especially Google, with great frequency and unlike other channels to reach customers, connecting to users searching is worth more, because there is an active intent. It is suggested by Mr. Dixon that SEO be used to augment a marketing campaign and not used as the core to a start up business plan.

Whatever you choose, please make sure that your strategy fits and is in alignment with your needs and the needs of your clients base.

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