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I want to share this article as a follow up to my last blog. I found this article thought-provoking.

The National Post article, The identity double standard, written June 22, 2015 asks the question: Why is it OK to change your gender but not your race?

The author, John Robson, states, “To some extent I agree with the Post’s Robyn Urback that Rachel Dolezal’s fall from grace is simply a personal tragedy unfolding in a highly public way. But then, we’d once have said that about a person demanding a sex change. And it’s instructive to contrast Dolezal’s fate for saying she feels black with that of Bruce Jenner for saying he feels like a woman.”

Robson goes on to say, “Jennar is congratulated by the U.S. President, media outlets instantly start calling him “she” and Vogue gives him a lavish cover disturbingly resemble a male bondage fantasy. Meanwhile Dolezal is fired, shunned and faces a criminal investigation.”

Is this fair? Are we not contradicting ourselves or at least picking and choosing what we deem as acceptable?

So the question stands.

In both cases there was deception: one to their loved one, family and friends; the other to a group of individuals. In both cases each see themselves as fighting for freedom and from oppression.

I fight for a world where we can be authentic to ourselves and treat others with respect. The hard thing for me to swallow is Dolezal’s lies about her childhood. I would have had more respect if she likened her experiences to that of a black person and says she can relate or understand. But would she have received the same respect and impact? I doubt it.

I believe this author brought to light a question worth pondering.

Again, I leave this to the individual to decide. I have my own thoughts but will not impose them on you.

I find life more interesting when we have thought-provoking things to consider.

Enjoy your weekend.

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