As a world, to see what is happening is amazing. Countries in Europe are claiming near bankruptcies, systems are breaking down (thank goodness for that!) and certain dollars (US and Euro) are really being tested! Do we take our accountability and responsibility in the role we played in this?

In Canada things are not so bad although we are being affected as we are a global ! Our greatest issues are: we say sorry for things that are not necessarily our fault, we are overly polite and most important, WE DO NOT SPEAK UP ENOUGH. There are things happening, especially in our government and Crown corporations that are completely unacceptable. The problem: there is no accountability and responsibility. By the way, this is a world problem. It starts with the individual and moves to societies, to economies, to countries and to the world.

In Canada we have fared better in our economy than most countries because we are more socialist and also because we have better regulations in place. Saying that our Banks did make bad choices to enter into the US Market and get caught in the sub-prime mortgage crises. I am sure that whatever they could not write down got passed on to us by way of fees. We just growl within and say NOTHING.

We need to bring accountability and responsibility back to this world – on an individual level- being responsible and accountable for our actions and choices and on a larger scale – in our corporations, government and crown corporations, as a Country and finally as ONE WORLD.

The problem is that the “checks and balance” that are in place to keep things accountable and responsible have lost their weight for there is often a conflict of interest with the people who are supposed to “watch over” certain bodies. I have seen this first hand in our legal system. Lawyers are providing a service, they charge an exorbitant amount of money per hour, they do not care if they hold you up, yet they will charge you for every little thing and when they make a mistake – forget to file your divorce papers and say you never signed them and they are sitting in a file – or as a mediator not be available for the best interest of the children – when you want to make them accountable and responsible for their actions you are told that no one at the Law Society will go up against your mediator because he is too powerful and well known. What does this say for our systems??

The latest topic to come to the public is that the MPs DO NOT HAVE TO BE AUDITED for their expenditures unless they CHOOSE to. In other words, these government elected people by US, the people, do not have to provide how they are spending OUR TAX PAYERS MONEY. They are not made to be accountable and responsible for their choices and actions. Instead we just sit back and wait for the newspapers to “enlighten” us to how funds have been misappropriated or not spent judiciously rather for the person’s own benefit. THIS MAKES ME MAD.

To add to this is the awareness on how our Lottery Crown Corporation, OLG, has been allowed to spend millions of dollars on expenses that are unacceptable and outrageous – fine dinners, trips, and so on. This is a Crown corporation – using our tax dollars for their personal benefit. Yes, there are legitimate expenses. No one has a problem with that. What we do have a problem with is these people not being made to be accountable and responsible for choices. What happens is these people are allowed to spend the money and then get a slap on the wrist – are fired or replaced – with no criminal consequence. I just received the Financial Post Magazine which listed the top 400 corporations in Canada. In this list there are 40 Crown corporations listed, up from 25 in 1980. Many of these Crown corporations are very powerful. We need to have a checks and balance in place that hold these corporations accountable to the tax payer.

As for our Corporations they too need to be accountable and responsible. As for how they spend their money, if they are private this is their choice, however know that as a corporation when you treat your employees well, listen to the needs of your clients, you will be rewarded in terms of increased productivity and sales.

On an individual level we also need to hold ourselves accountable and responsible. What choices are we making that are affecting our families, our children, our work, our relationships?


This is something that I want to instil in the youth through my work. They need to challenge all of our systems, break them down and take the things that work and bring in changes to what doesn’t work. We can look to other similar countries and how they operate. I say, take what resonates and make it your own. Canada is a unique country in that it is multicultural and multilingual. We have so much wisdom from people from other countries to draw from. Let’s use this to our advantage.

I do not love systems rather Frameworks or Guidelines that one can follow and be held accountable to – for results and/or choices. A system assumes that all people will do well with this one system and that is not necessarily the case.

I look forward to our youth holding up the mirror and making our SYSTEMS, CORPORATIONS, GOVERNMENT and COUNTRY accountable and responsible.

Let us become a world leader in this area. Let us act with integrity and honesty. These are words that are not congruent with our government as it now stands!

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