As I sat in disbelief….

Posted Thursday, November 26th, 2009. Filed Under Voices of youth

I was finishing up my workshop on Empowerment Tools that can be used and brought into every day life when the young woman next to me turned to her friend and said, “hey, what can you see me doing with the rest of my life?”. She then said, if she cannot find a job she will go back to school for nursing and if she cannot find a job in Toronto, Canada she will consider going to the US.

I wanted to reach over and just grab her — HOW DARE YOU GIVE AWAY THE GREATEST GIFT WE HAVE – FREE WILL TO CHOOSE – TO BE WHO WE WANT. Talk about giving away your power.

This is YOUR life and YOU NEED TO FIND WHAT FEELS RIGHT FOR YOU. You can be the main participant in your life or an observor. Which one do you choose??

Some food for thought.

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