A true leader can make a decision based on the information he/she has and then goes with it. Some decisions are better than others, and yes, all decisions can be tweaked and altered at some point in time.

In order to achieve and receive what we want in our businesses as well as our personal lives it does take clear vision, belief and action.

Sometimes, though, we do need to turn to people for guidance. This can come from someone we know, and sometimes from someone we admire, yet do not know. This person may have well passed on however their words of wisdom live on through their work.

When applying this specifically to your business – looking for assistance can often be found with your Advisory Board.

It is often recommended for businesses to use Advisory Boards however the questions becomes, What Makes A Good Advisory Board? Where Do I Find One? How to Get That “Person” to Join and/or What Purpose the Person May Serve?

The value of Advisory Boards is huge. In some cases it is immeasurable because you can challenge and clarify the vision for the best interest of the company vs. having a monetary relationship that may impact this. They can also help you assess your risk (especially start-up companies).

When people are considering investing in your company, these investors may ask to speak to your Advisory Board members.

Some entrepreneurs have sought out high-profile board members unnecessarily with the belief that they are the face of the start-up company. This is not so.

When choosing a Board Member do NOT look to a big name unless they can bring something to the table.

The best type of advisor is one who can provide another perspective than the one likely shared by the company’s executives; Someone who thinks outside the box, perhaps will challenge you and force you to be clear and concise and then hold you accountable.

First step is to know what kind of people you are looking for therefore your first step is to evaluate from within your needs and strengths. While turning to someone successful in your industry makes sense there are some inherent issues with this. This person, while wanting to give the best advice, may also be thinking in the back of his/her head – this is my competitor – perhaps I need to screw them before they screw me.

Get out there and talk to a lot of people; Create relationships and then decipher who is the best fit for your Advisory Board.

The value of an Advisory Board is that it can serve different roles as the company moves forward. This is true especially for start-ups. The advisor often brings a validation to the start up and/or company. It is important to nurture and foster this relationship. An advisor is choosing to be on your board not because of a financial reward, it is usually because the person believes in the business’ success.

If you have asked people to join your Advisory Board and they all say NO, then it is time to re-evaluate your vision, mission and intention – perhaps tweak or change altogether your direction. Those NOs is advice in itself.

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