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Today the Doreen Virtue instagram card reads “Assertiveness”

Being peaceful and loving person doesn’t mean allowing others to take advantage of your niceness. Yet this happens a lot when you fell confused about the definition of being “loving”. There’s confusion that leads gentle people to be “too nice” to those whose intentions are ego-based.

Assertiveness is being lovingly honest. It is speaking sincerely from your heart in a way that honours the other person’s feelings. It releases pent-up anger in constructive ways. If you sense that someone is trying to take advantage of your niceness, the kindest thing you can do is to say NO. After all, saying YES just reinforces that person to continue their ways with you and other nice people. For your own health and theirs, say No to unreasonable requests. Stop trying to rescue people who don’t need or want rescuing, so that your resources can be directed to those who are truly in need.

Here’s a helpful prayer:

Dear G-d, Thank you for guiding my relationships to be healthy, mutually beneficial, and authentic.

To learn more go to Doreen Virtue’s book: “Assertiveness for Earth Angels”.


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