Attitude the Movie

Posted Monday, October 26th, 2009. Filed Under My Daily Dose

This is a worthwhile short presentation about the power of our attitudes.  Some points that were discussed included:

– Defining your purpose

– Finding your passion

– Finding courage – People are like matches, almost ready to ignite, and make things happen

– Set goals or Make commitments

– Stay positive – “You become what you think about,” from Earl Nightingale

– Is my attitude worth catching?

– Simplify your life to capture beliefs that matter to you

– Keep a good sense of humor.  Laughter helps make your day pleasant.

– Expect the best from people our outcomes

– Kindness – It is not always about material items, but rather how you can influence someone else’s heart

– Love – Love does not make the world go round, it is what makes life worthwhile

– Take time for renewal

The film summarizes that we are all very similar, but something small is what differentiates us apart.  This is attributed to our attitudes and disposition towards life.

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