• On March 28th, 2009 is Earth Hour and to honour this day we ask that everyone turn off their lights (my family will) for at least 1 hour or more – baby steps to making this planet healthier.
  • Install an aviator on your highly used faucet – cuts down on water use. Also turn off water when not using it, for example when brushing teeth, washing dishes, and so on. We need to respect and conserve our fresh water supply.
  • Consider giving up Teflon and other non-stick coating cookware. Opt for uncoated, cast iron or stainless steel cookware.
  • When choosing a light bulb for pot lights choose the 50 watts MR16 GU10 Base EXN Flood Halogen light. It emits 150 watts of light. You can choose these for pot lights, and task lighting. Consider installing dimmers for ceiling light fixtures. I use them throughout my house. Most of all REMEMBER TO TURN OFF ALL LIGHTS WHEN THEY ARE NOT IN USE.
  • Rather than throwing away your “stuff” you can go to this website and recycle it. I love this idea! It is a great idea for people from other cities/countries.
  • For food storage stay away from plastics with a 3 or 7
  • For Water heater – install point-of-use tankless or on-demand water heater if possible
  • If you live in a part of the country where solar power is viable than please check out this site – To identify and install the system that is best suited to your home, work with a contractor that is approved by the Solar Rating and Certification Corp. You can also get a federal tax credit – go to (only for those in the U.S.)
  • When doing renovations or moving and looking for a new dishwasher, choosing windows, lumbar, etc. go to for ideas of different products in different categories that are recognized as energy saving products. Consider using bamboo and natural stone floors. Ask the installer to choose adhesives and finishes that produce no off-gassing effects. When choosing paints and stain products ask for products that contain low volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Finally when done, make sure that you dispose of materials in an environmentally responsible manner. It may mean going to the landfill site.
  • To reduce buying and using toxic personal care products go to
  • Room deodorizer – rather than using the chemical-based ones you see on TV here is an alternative: use a natural one made from ZEOLITE. This is a mineral found in volcanic rock.


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