Balancing Act

Posted Friday, August 26th, 2011. Filed Under My Daily Dose

In my Best Health Magazine there was an article on how to create the balancing act. I wanted to share this with others who wish to do so…

Here are some simple steps you can take to make the transition easier:

First: Be Present
Live in the now and try not to worry about the past or future. Focus on the day ahead by making time for morning meditation or an invigorating activity like yoga.

Second: Be Healthy
Focus on moderation and the value of making healthy choices. Pledge to follow a steady routine with ample rest, nutritious meals and regular check-ups in order to maintain a strong and balanced body.

Third: Simplify
We often race through life trying to manage more than we can handle. De-clutter your life starting at home. Commit to clearing out unnecessary things that complicate your life and make time, and space, for the things that really matter.

Fourth: Get Moving
Along with physical benefits, exercise promotes emotional well-being by relieving stress and boosting mood. Try and find time for daily activity, such as running or walking or going to the gym, to help you feel healthy and alert.

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