Be in the moment… Enjoy this weekend

Posted Thursday, December 11th, 2014. Filed Under Voices of wisdom

I have been writing on heavy topics lately and I decided just to step back and take a breath. This week I was able to let go of a huge weight sitting on my shoulders. Whether I agreed with the results or not it doesn’t really matter.. it is what it is and I know what I know. In the end while the last year has been exceptionally tough it was almost the most eye-opening and aware year I have ever had.

I was able to learn the truth about people and their actions (or lack of) and see who people really are and then get to decide if I want these people in my life.

I love my life, today. I love who I am; who I have become and transformed following a year of trials and tributlations.

I am surrounded by the most incredible people who genuinely and authentically love me for me.

Letting go and releasing has allowed me to open many doors. And so here we are today, and I am getting ready to do a speaking engagement this Saturday to a group of grade 11/12 high school students part of DECA, a business organization for high school students, and talk to them about career exlploration; what jobs they can expect when they graduate in 5-10 years (if they do post-secondary + master’s).

This weekend just be in the moment. I have a new friend who has trouble being in the moment; always on the phone and responding to texts and never bringing his head up for air. I told him he is missing out on life.

So back to this weekend. Enjoy the people who you are with, the food you are eating, and the wine or whatever you are drinking. Do something nice for you and nice for someone else.

I know I will.

All my love,


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