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I came across this article in Best Health Magazine with different tips that I wanted to share. There are many natural things that you can do to keep your skin looking healthy and young.

* Use tamarind oil when bathing it makes the skin soft and shimmery. As well, it helps lessen dark spots in areas such as ankles, elbows and armpits.
* Turmeric makes a good body scrub; it will help make your skin glow.
* Coconut oil is terrific for protecting skin from the harsh environment, and it benefits hair, too, by helping bring out the shine.
* Aloe Vera is great for healing and lightening skin, and helps cure acne.

* Use cornmeal as an exfoliating or peeling scrub on damp skin, working it in with circular motions. Add cornmeal and water to create a paste. Some women add bran; others add an egg white or yolk.
* Mix a few spoonfuls of cornmeal with a little honey and olive oil, and a drop of lemon juice.
* For dark circles, many women apply castor oil around the eyes and massage it in gently.

* For the skin apply mashed, strawberries to the face.
* For shiny hair, soak rye bread in water and work it through wet hair, then rinse.

* Women eat and use jobi – a kind of millet rich in calcium and vitamins (including vitamin B1) – to lighten skin and keep it smooth.
* A home-made facial scrub is a paste of jobi powder mixed with a bit of water or your toner.
* A mask idea – use rice wine. Make a paste with vinasse, the liquid left over from the distillation process for rice wine. It is an ancient Chinese secret that fermented rice residue makes the skin smoother and reduces wrinkles.
* Eat pig skin, though not the fatty parts. It’s rich in collagen and protein, so these people feel it’s good for skin resilience. You can cook it with soy sauce and Japanese star anise, and sometimes add meat or tofu.

* Yerba mate is very popular. The leaves of this shrub, which is native to South America, are used to make tea and other drinks.
* Yerba mate is thought to help keep the skin healthy; it contains polyphenols, which are antioxidants.

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