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This is along the theme of learning to let the “you” fall away (My Daily Dose). Today I called a friend of mine when I read this article because it was along the lines of a conversation that she and I had about how 2015, especially at this time, is about focussing on the ‘ME’.

That may sound egocentric however I am not talking from an ego place rather from the “ME” that just is – not good or bad, not right or wrong; not the mother, daughter, sister, friend, lover… just the
human being and spirit.

This became even more important after I learned a friend of mine, someone I met many years ago in New York through my empowerment work, died this weekend. She battled with breast cancer for many years. She was a true angel. Then I called a friend to wish her happy birthday and she told me that her doctor found some cancer on her face and thank goodness it was not serious. I then caught up with another friend and her sister discovered just before the holidays she had thyroid cancer. Well, you can imagine how this can impact one’s spirit. I decided that there is nothing more important than the “me” especially after hearing this news.

This means focussing on me – physically, emotionally and spiritually. I know that I am my own best champion so each day I start my day with positive words to myself. This is important as we live in a world fraught with so much negativity. Keeping your spirits up is important. I hope that each and every one of you reading this knows how important and special you are. Each day you have the opportunity to impact a life, yours and someone else’s. This is true even on the smallest scale. Just a simple smile can improve the day of someone going through something horrible and challenging. And then there are days when someone’s smile lifts you up. This morning I woke up a little down and the first thing I did was to do my affirmations and lift my own spirits. Then I met with someone today to discuss a program in its infancy — a youth entrepreneurial scholarship program and it inspired me and reminded me that there are good things also happening in the world.

I choose to let the ‘other stuff’ fall away and just be the best me. I choose to inspire others through my own actions and leading by example. I do this as a human being, from one to the next.

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend and keep those spirits up. When you are down find the words that will lift you up.

All my love,

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