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This topic came up on the View. They were discussing whether it was presumptuous to do a gift registry for your child’s birthday.

Interestingly enough the one with kids felt it was not ok and put a burden on those families to spend more than they might have wanted.

For those with no kids they really like the idea because they struggle with what to buy kids at certain ages.

I stand in the middle. One of the comments I do agree with is that it is demonstrating to our children that the birthday is all about gifts and not about the event and having people. It also gives them nothing to look forward to in life and they begin to create this expectation that they always get what they want.

On the other hand it is nice to give a child what they want.

I guess if I had to comment I would say, if my child is being invited to a birthday then I likely know the parent or my child knows the parent I can call up the parent or ask the child directly. Sometimes I have pooled with a few others to give a child what they want. Other times, I have given my son a budget of what I am willing to spend and he can figure it out.

I think there is no right or wrong. You have to go with your belief system. The good thing is that a birthday registry is optional not mandatory.

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