I came across this article November 15, 2014, in the National Post, Canada’s cheapest bloggers, and wanted to share the content with you. While some of the suggestions may refer to Canada, take what you can and apply it to your country.

Below hear from 6 bloggers in what they do to either save money, budget, look for coupons, and over all the different frugal ideas and choices they make to save money.

1. The Do-It-Yourselfer
Amrita Singh, 42, Peterborough, Ont.
BLOG: prettyfrugalliving.com

Cleaning supplies: “Invest in tea tree essential oil, baking soda, vinegar, rubbing alcohol, and micro fibre cloths. These five things can be used to make multiple solutions to effectively clean your entire house.”

You can go to her site, Ms. Singh is a freelance video producer and creates videos on everything from making your own deodorizing toilet spray to re-designing a balcony on a budget. She’s a big proponent on reuse – she washes out and reuses milk bags (clean them well!) – and keeps a drawer of condiment packets (sweeteners, ketchup, mustard, etc.) collected from eateries.

Her frugal actions came out of the desire to buy a house. This means cutting back on spending and saving money. She realized she was spending $1400 a year on Frappuccino sho she Googled, “How can I make it at home?”

Her philosophy: “Buy less, save more.”

Her blog gems: Frugal skin care’ all purpose cleaning wipes; easy bathroom hacks

Her best piece of savings advice: “Dedicate one hour a month to saving yourself some money. Find DIY solutions to everyday expenses and put them into practice. Get on the phone and speak to your service providers to negotiate better deals (did this yesterday with Rogers). Scour event listings and assemble a calendar of free entertainment options in and around your city. Get a group of friends together and go shop for bulk items and then split the haul (COSTCO or Walmart…). Schedule these activities monthly until they become second nature.”

2.The Uber Disciplined
Sean Cooper, 29, Toronto
BLOG: SeanCooperwriter.com/blog/

He is on track to pay off his mortgage by the age of 31. (He started with a $255,000 mortgage in August 2012 and currently is down to $75,000 in less than three years!)

He rents out the top floor of his house and lives in the basement. He survives on $100 a month in groceries or about $3 to $4/day on food (meal consists of a peanut butter slathered bagel, almonds, an apple and carrot sticks for lunch and then Kraft dinner and frozen vegetables for dinner). He’s put off travelling, housewarming, new furniture.. until his mortgage is paid off.

His philosophy: “Live within your means.”

His blog gems: How to make home made pizza for $2; Five lessons from paying my way through university.

His best piece of savings advice: “Instead of driving to work, consider cycling or taking public transit. Instead of buying your lunch every day, consider brown-bagging your lunch. By changing those simple, yet costly habits, you can save at least $10 a day, which adds up to $300/month. Look at price matching and buying items on sale to bring down grocery costs.”

3. The Shrewd Shopper
Eva Webster, 39, Innisfil, Ont.
BLOG: Bargainmoose.ca

This mother of three boys is a self-described “budget freak.” She updates her household budget every few days and sticks to it religiously. She knows before she buys something how much she has to spend.

She researches her purchases to get the best deal. However, she stresses the importance of quality versus low cost.

Her philosophy: “Never pay full price.”

Her best piece of savings advice: “If you know you want something, don’t just click and buy. Shop around for the hottest deals, see if there are any coupons available and then go away for 10 minutes to decide if you really want it.”

4. The Money-Smart Mom
Hollie Pollard, 49, Toronto
BLOG: CommonCentsMom.com

This woman has experienced highs and lows: wealth to welfare. She lost much of her wealth during a divorce. However, she was raised by her grandmothers who taught her and her sister their skills from canning to making do with what you have. She carries no debt to avoid paying interest. She shops at thrift stores and garage sales.

She uses Mint, a budgeting app, to track her weekly spending and Flipp, an app that aggregates all her local flyers, to look for deals and get price matches.

It takes only 90 days to create a new habit for those spenders out there.

Her philosophy: “Use common sense.”

Popular blog gem: 32 sites to watch TV for free in Canada

Her best piece of savings advice: “Always spend less than you earn.”

5. The Savvy Traveller
Steven Zussino, 37, Victoria
BLOGS: Groceryalerts.ca, CanadianTravelHacking.com

Mr. Zussino and his wife used to spend more than $500 a month on groceries. Thinking this was too much, he decided to look for ways to reduce their bills. Now with two small children, their bills are down to $250 to $350 per month. They cut down on food waste and reduced meat consumption. They buy clearance produce and get maximum usage from their produce, i.e. stems of vegetables can be used in soups and stews.

His philosophy: “Honey, diamonds, or money in the bank?”

Popular blog gems: How to shop at Costco without a membership; 38 food hacks to save money; how to save money at Starbucks.”

His best piece of savings advice: “Review your budget each month to find out how well it’s working. Rung your household like a business and check each expense to see if it could be cut anymore. Another option is to look for ways other ways to make money. Cook dinners at home instead of eating out.”

6. The Super Couponer
Cassie Howard, 28, Hamilton, Ont.
BLOG: Mrsjanuary.com

At 19, Ms. Howard found herself with $10,000 in credit card debt and owing $10,000 in taxes. She said to herself from this point on she will be much better with her money.”

She sorts through flyers, store emails and digital coupons twice a week. You can become a seasonal couponer and save $15 to $20 week; it takes 30-60 minutes a week.

Her philosophy: “Frugal living should be easy and fun.”

Popular blog gems: How to have a baby without going broke; how to be an extreme couponer in Canada; How to sell your stuff online.”

“Her best piece of savings advice: “Never pay full price! There is always going to be a deal or promotion available for just about everything out there.”

By buying during sales cycles she can save!

I know what it takes to raise a family in Toronto/GTA and it is expensive. It is about making good choices and living within your means.

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