Breaking Cycles Through Baby Steps

Posted Thursday, August 18th, 2011. Filed Under Voices of wisdom

Sometimes our gifts come in round about ways … in other words, it appears that we are being challenged by a situation or person when in fact it is one of our gifts to push us to speak our truth, set boundaries and then walk our talk.

These past few weeks I have seen this happen for a number of close people around me, including myself. Breaking cycles in our life may just be the most challenging thing we may do. First off, it takes awareness to know that you are breaking a cycle and second, what exactly the cycle is that you are challenging or breaking. Some break cycles inadvertently because they know what is happening to them does not feel “right”, causes them anger or some feeling or emotion that is not close to their truth. Being honest, going within, and then finding and being your truth allows you to make choices and decisions which then in turn, allow you to break the cycle.

I have had the opportunity to spend time with a teenager that I believe inadvertently is breaking a cycle which has been passed down through generations. This cycle is not a healthy one and is one that needs to be broken. Through the circumstances of what is going on in her life she is being forced with situations which are demanding her to speak her truth, set her boundaries and be firm. This is all new for her however she is rising to the occasion and I am so proud of her. As a result of her doing so she has been able to put a schedule in place that she desires and be firm on it.

I sat with her today and told her how proud I am of her. What she doesn’t realize is through these baby steps she is slowly finding her power. Being young and doing this is so valuable for when she is a bit older and is faced with situations with teachers, her friends, co-workers, bosses – she will have the skill of how to empower herself, speak her truth and then walk her talk.

If I can be a mentor to anyone I will as I love being mentored. For me that means taking the wisdom of someone else, processing it and then making it my own so it makes sense for me.

This is something that our youth needs, desires and wants. Unfortunately, many of the adults themselves do not know this skill as we have been living in a competitive, dog-eat-dog world of survival of the fittest.
We are seeing the youth in Europe and Middle East lash out because they are frustrated with the employment prospects. The riots in UK prompted many writers to talk about these rioters – entitled youth from diverse backgrounds, cultural, economic, social and religious. I am not condoning this behaviour. I see articles which talk about the lack of personal responsibility that our youth have. I say that this holds true for the adults, our governments (at all levels) and countries as well.

If this young teenage girl can find the power to speak her truth in a way that is respectful of others, then for goodness sake so can others.

It is high time that we ALL take responsibility for our choices and actions. To change paradigms and systems – to break these cycles means we need to look at them and evaluate what is working and what is not. Keep what is working and discard what is not. Through baby steps we can make it through this time together as a people and one world. We need to put aside the ego that says I’m right and you are wrong. This attitude will get us no where. We need to create a win/win. This is the only option.

First baby step … start this weekend by taking small situations and be aware what you really want. Then find the courage to speak your truth.

I want to wish everyone a wonderful weekend.

All my love,



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