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Wow, nothing surprises me today. I was just looking at the breakdown of the voting to see which parts of UK wanted to remain and which wanted to leave UK:

Results by country
England: 46.8% (stay) 53.2% (leave)
Scotland: 62% (stay) 38% (leave)
Wales: 48.3% (stay) 51.7% (leave)
Northern Ireland: 55.7% (stay) 44.3% (leave)

The impact of this decision will not be felt immediately. It will take time to really see if this choice was favourable to UK or not. I am not an economist however I do feel that this move will impact UK negatively. I was just talking to a friend of mine who owns a home in South Kensington Market – one of the more posh areas of London, England. She was saying that there are already many issues England is dealing with. She said that one of the reasons that UK wanted to leave EU was they did not want to bring in more Muslims to England. The irony of this is that England has a huge Muslim population. I remember reading an article on how the Muslims have set up in areas their own education system and the Minister of Education did not want this and was going to enforce that all education systems adhere to the system in place for the country.

I am sure that the reasons to leave were beyond what I mentioned above however there will be a fall out: UK will have to recreate their closed borders which means immigration policies will have to be put in place; there will be increased tariffs on imported items that as part of the EU were removed; Currency is not an issue as they never went to the Euro $. One concern of my friend is the workforce — where will the workforce come from. With EU and open borders people of EU were free to work in different countries much more easily. With closed borders UK will have to put policies and procedures into place to attract foreign workers. There will need to be an election as David Cameron resigned. Who will lead the UK? Scotland and Northern Ireland wanted to remain in the UK, what will the fall out with these two areas especially since Scotland held their own referendum to leave the UK?

UK leaving EU doesn’t just impact Europe, it impacts the world. I am sure that Trump will draw on this example to discuss USA isolating and creating walls. The problem is that we are a global world. I am sure the markets around the world are going crazy, the US $ will likely rise and perhaps gold will go up in value. The dust will settle and there will be a fall out. Any country that believes they can operate in isolation today is only fooling themselves. We are a global world, connected. We are one. And to be honest in many ways we need each other. Not just in times when there is a catastrophe but also to inspire and empower one another. Today inventions and discoveries in one country can impact people all over the world.

Time will tell how this will play out. Next we will watch the USA elections. I hope the Americans really take time to understand their choice. I recognize that they may not like the candidates in place however it is what it is. When you vote as an American think about your children and the future groundwork you are laying out. You are part of a larger world.

This weekend take time to look around at everything and see how each action has a reaction/ cause and effect and know that one small act of one person can impact many. All we need to look at is the Orlando massacre: one person kills 49 people and injures 53 people. One good act can also have a rippling effect. Keep that in mind as well!

I want to wish all of you a wonderful weekend.

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