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I just read this article in my local newspaper from Joanne Kates, an expert educator in the area of conflict mediation, self-esteem and anti-bullying. I love her work and have a lot of respect for her.

Her latest article is about job interviews. While this is a normal process in your job search, the fascinating part is a survey that revealed parents are job hunting for their kids. In fact, Michigan State University research found four percent of parents show up for their child’s job interview.

THIS IS UNBELIEVABLE. Businesses need to respond with a message of NO – If your child cannot show up for their own interview then he or she does not really want this job or position.

I am astounded.

Michigan State University recently surveyed more than 700 employers seeking to hire recent college graduates. Almost one third of the employers said parents had submitted resumes on their child’s behalf, some without informing the child. One-quarter heard from parents urging the employer to hire their son or daughter. Four per cent of respondents reported that a parent actually showed up for the candidate’s interview.

The pendulum has swung too far. We are enabling our children to lean too much on us. They need to learn, not lean.

I find it also incredible that it is the same baby boomer that complains about “young kids today being so lazy” as the one enabling their children. THIS MUST STOP at all levels.

Parents need to learn to “launch” their kids – show our kids they have wings and now is the time to spread those wings; learn to fly and yes even fall down!

Businesses, need to open their doors to mentoring – true mentoring and guide these young children. Most importantly allow them to fail and learn. If not in their younger years, then when? Parents need to step back. The irony is that it is not often the children asking to be “saved” but the parents choosing to “ride in on their chargers and do it for them”.

We all need to play our part in swinging the pendulum back so our kids can be the great leaders they are destined for – personally and professionally. Let them do it for themselves.

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