I came across this article in the Financial Post Magazine discussing the lack of women in Canada being appointed to Boards. I spoke to my sister about this as she is interested in shifting this paradigm.

Other countries like Norway recognized their lack of women on boards – just 6% of Norway’s largest companies had female directors and almost 80% of had no women on their boards even, though more than 70% of women were in the workforce. Norway passed a law in 2003, changing this and correcting the imbalance. This law secured 40% female presence on the boards of the country’s largest publicly listed companies – changing the face of corporate boardrooms.

Norway’s situation in 2002 is not dissimilar to the state of Canada’s corporate boards in 2010.

In Canada women make up 47.1% of the Canadian labour force, 37.2% of management but just 16.9% are corporate officers and 14% are board members, while 45% of FP500 companies have no women directors.

Canada is falling behind – Unlike Norway, Canada has not made gender diversity in the senior levels of business a priority. In fact, it is not even a discussion around boardroom tables.

Spain and the Netherlands have passed quotes similar to Norway. Iceland has set 2013 to implement a quota of 40% for companies with 50 or more employees.

Belgium, Britain, Germany and Sweden are considering state-mandated quotas. And the debate has begun in Australia and even Greenland as well.

So how do we change this? Yes the ol boys club does still exist. We need to change this paradigm.

Women it is time to speak up! You can still be your nurturing, feminine side as well as tap into your male energy – organized, decision makers, setting goals and boundaries.

Go for it!


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