Canadian firms lack courage

Posted Thursday, September 29th, 2016. Filed Under Corporate - Tips/Tools Blog

Author Peter Kuitenbrouwer author of the National Post article, Canadian firms lack courage: Deloitte, Monday, Sept. 26, 2016, states, “Corporate Canada is a timid place full of risk-averse leaders and it’s hurting the bottom line, says a new study that found just 11 per cent of businesses here are “truly courageous”.

Kuitenbrouwer shares that this conclusion comes from a “sweeping” business poll of 1200 businesses across Canada by Deloitte, which on Monday released a 36-page report, The Future Belongs to the Bold.

The report concludes, “At a time when Canada needs to be bolder and more courageous than ever before, almost 90 per cent aren’t up to the task.. This lack of courage has serious implications for these organizations and for the Canadian economy overall.”

I am pledging my life to change this behaviour within corporate Canada for my children (Gen Z) and all the millennial and Gen Z children to follow. It is time to develop true leadership. I would say that the world lacks true leadership.


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