Canadian Prairie Songbird… hits Ellen and attention of Lady Gaga

Posted Thursday, February 24th, 2011. Filed Under My Daily Dose

Maria Aragon just did what she loved to do … sing. She sang the Lady Gaga song, Born This Way, posted it to YouTube where she got some nice attention. All changed when Hilton Perez made Lady Gaga aware of this and it brought a tear and smile to her eyes. See, Lady Gaga is human and she was having a bad day… Then to hear her words being sung with the purest intention reminded her why she wrote the song and why she sings in general.

This propelled Maria to “mini-stardom” and within a week or so she was on Virgin Radio with Lady Gaga and then performed on the Ellen DeGeneres show. WOW. Never waiver from your dreams.

Born This Way… sung by Maria

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