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I wanted to share with you two letters that were sent to me. While both hold different views I am so pleased that people are getting out of their comfort zones and actually saying how they feel.

It is important that we do not readily accept “what is” especially when it impacts us as individuals, families/communities and a country as a whole.

Canada is about to go into a Federal Election. In the U.S. you select a President and in Canada we select a Prime Minister. Many people, including myself, feel that this election is a waste of time and money. Our current Prime Minister, Mr. Harper, will likely win again and it is not necessarily because he is the best rather we have no real alternative.

As I sat in a meeting this week to discuss my desire to create a youth related charity based on mentoring, guiding, fostering and nurturing our youth to speak their voice and truth and begin to challenge the status quo and create solutions and alternatives that address the issues facing this group. As well, developing an intergenerational relationship between our young and old (baby boomers and seniors) so that we foster a relationship built on trust and compassion and caring. Thus, when policies are being developed there is a vested interest to take care of both groups and create a win/win for both parties.

Our politicians spend so much time fighting and trying to be right. If one is always right then the other is always wrong. This way of being is not in the best interest of our country. What if both are right and both are wrong? In order to come to the best solution it may mean taking from both sides. Will this ever happen in our lifetime, where the political parties put their egos aside and actually come up with programs that are in the best interest of the people?

The time is now to plant the seeds and guide and mentor our younger people. We can “water” the seeds and over time it will sprout and grow into strong, flexibe, and giving people who want to make a difference.

Take a look at the two letters:

Dear Liberal Party

I am a proud Canadian and a supporter of the Liberal Party of Canada because the Liberal Party’s values are in line with my own values. I watched the debate last night and was disappointed in Mr Ignatieff’s handling of the issue of the economy. The economy is the number one issue for Canadians right now. During the debate, Mr Harper repeatedly spoke about how well the Harper Conservatives have handled the economy. Mr Ignatieff did not counter these arguments which left in the minds of Canadians that the Harper Conservatives are the ones best able to handle the economy. This is simply not true. Below is an article from the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives speaking about how the corporate tax cuts have not translated into job creation. Mr Ignatieff did not address this issue in the debate. I have also included a link to an article in the Globe and Mail entitled “Not Exactly an Economic Gold Medal” which talks about how the Conservatives have not really been good for the Canadian Economy. From what I understand, the checks and balances on our Canadian Banking System were in place long before the Conservatives came into power. It is these checks and balances that helped the Canadian economy survive during the Great Recession. The question remains-what have the Harper Conservatives done that has benefited the economy? Mr Ignatieff needs to ask that question during debates. Mr Ignatieff also needs to show that he has a clear alternative strategy to infuse jobs into the economy. There are global forces that are beyond the control of a government that determine whether a country is in recession or not but a party has to show that it has viable solutions that are different from its opponents in order to win an election. Especially on a topic as important as our economy. I do not feel that Mr Ignatieff delivered the goods in the first leader’s debate last night. This resulted in an impression being left that Mr Harper is the “Saviour of our economy” which is, of course, simply not true. Mr Ignatieff addressed the ethics and accountability of the Conservative Party well in the election last night but he did not show what the Liberal Party will do to help Canada become an economic powerhouse of the future. Mr Harper won the debate last night and that is NOT a good thing. Please read the link and also article below and also please can you send me Mr Ignatieff’s direct e-mail address so that I can send this letter to him.

Wishing the Liberal Party of Canada all the very best in the upcoming election.

Lynn Knowles
Thornhill, Ontario

Hi Sandra
I am not a naysayer when it comes to ‘tikun olam’. I believe that each person acting in the interests of themselves with great conscience about their role and their treatment of others will improve the world. I do not believe that Mr. Ignatieff has any goals other than being the Prime Minister; fat chance! I believe the man to be highly unprincipled except to secure what he wants for himself. He will let his ‘grandmother swing in the wind so long as he obtains what he wants. He has no more idea of how to drive the Canadian economy than ‘Bozo the Clown’. I do think positively. However, I am not certain that you can make a direct link to what you want to do toon a grass roots level and have a direct impact on fixing our economy. We are a nation that relies heavily on export of base minerals and oil. We do not have a population sufficient to drive consumer demand to create the jobs that your writer (up above) seems to believe are as easy as voting in the Liberals. Our economy is a complex beast that is driven by forces outside of this country more so than forces inside. It is no secret that our banking institutions have been strong almost since the day that they were formed. Mr. Harper has not deigned to take credit for such stability. We need money and brains to be put into education; we need a health care system that does not simply boast to provide equal access to all. We need a system that actually works. You cannot possibly blame the Conservatives for the ills that are embedded into these two great social movements.
Sorry to go on but please don’t dismiss my recommendations to you out of disbelief in an eventual better world. The path for us is a majority Conservative government. It is not through the back room garbage of the ilks of Ignatief, Douceppe & (ugh!!) Layton.

I loved both their passions. Here is my response to the above letter:

I love your response. Please do not think that I favour Ignatieff for I don’t. I am glad that you are so passionate and have responded as you did.

What I value in your mentoring is perspective and the idea of evaluating where we are at.

If I sat in front of you as a client and presented my financial case – I was in debt because I was spending more than I was bringing in – then we can sit there and determine where the money was being spent, is it wasteful or not, how can I cut back without impacting my lifestyle, what cost saving measures could I implement and finally how can I increase my revenue or monies. You will help me know exactly where I am at. From that place we can move forward – perhaps consolidating my debt – and find a plan and way to bring it down. Something that I can execute. It also forces me to be accountable for my choices and actions and only I can bring about the change. All you can do is guide.

Taking this concept on a macro level – that is what our country needs to do regardless of who the leader is. How can you make wise decisions without knowing exactly where we are at. That means accountability, responsibility – emotionally and financially, acknowledging our shortfalls or failures (as the Israelis do in business) and finding alternative solutions that can be implemented that will bring a change. If that doesn’t work than you re-evaluate. Also, look at what is working and expand on that or tweak it so it can be applied to another area. Currently we do not do this. Not to the degree we need.

I am not just a “wish for good things” person. I believe that you need to walk your talk and when you are not, be held accountable.

Our leaders and their parties spend more time blaming and fighting to be right. That is completely ego and a waste of time. FOR IF ONE PERSON IS RIGHT THEN EVERYONE ELSE IS WRONG. Creativity, innovation, inspiration and true leadership can NEVER foster and grow in that environment.

Thank you for your words — Again I am glad that you are so passionate. It will be a pleasure working with you!

All my best,


Let’s keep talking and sharing! I know this next path is not an easy one but a necessary one. I love all the support I am getting to continue my work.

I am more sure than ever to do this work — for my children, other children and all the children to come.

Have a great weekend.

All my love,


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