Captain of Costa Concordia jumps ship…

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This incident has caused much conversation amongst my friends. Yesterday while I was having lunch with my financial planner we came to this topic. He agreed that it was unacceptable for the captain to jump ship but he said the crew was another story. He felt that the crew gets paid so little in salary that if they had to choose between their life and a passenger they would choose their own life — and jump ship.

I disagreed. He then put it this way and said, “You are a mother of two boys, are you going to risk your life for that of someone else and potentially die and leave your kids motherless”? Of course this is a tough question and really unless you are in that predicament you do not know what you would do.

What I will say is that because we live in a world that lacks accountability and responsibility, we come across incidents like this too often. I did tell my financial planner that when you are hired for certain positions – flight crew, boat crew, fire fighters, police, surgeon, nurses and so on you know what you are signing up for. I have NEVER heard of any flight crew that “jumped ship” when their plane was in trouble/went down. These people are trained for this and this is one of the risks of flying. Same with a boat… all is good when the boat is sailing and the weather is good however if something were to happen these people need to be trained to deal with emergencies.

The amount of chaos the ensued was horrific. People did not know what to do, the captain was non-existent and no one carried forward a system to get these people, their patrons and staff, to safety. Again, we must learn from tragedy — The company that owns this ocean liner, Carnival, needs to take responsibility as well. It is up to them to make sure that their staff, from the captain down to the towel person, needs to be trained sufficiently so that IF there is an emergency, in which there was one, these people know what to do .. and do it calmly and in good order. They need to review their hiring practices. As well, the captain of the ship must under no circumstances be allowed to jump ship otherwise he/she will will be tried in a court of law for whatever crime happens – manslaughter, 2nd degree, etc.

The newest article today states an excuse from the captain that he fell from the boat when it tipped. No excuses. The entire incident was caused because of his EGO when he chose to go to close to shore and “show off”. He fell, SO, get back on that boat and take care of your people – guests and crew. I say this man needs to be held accountable and responsible. As well, the parent company, Carnival needs to revisit its hiring policies as well as its safety procedures.

There is another topic that arose that did catch my eye and my planner brought up. He said he found it interesting that the coast guard asked how many women and children were still on board that needed assistance. He asked me in this day and age is that appropriate? It is another tough topic. The issue is really that the traditional family does not exist anymore. You can be a lesbian or gay couple with children; you can be a single parent who adopted, and the list goes on. I do think that children, under no circumstances, must be considered amongst the first, along with disabled people and even older people. As for women being before men, I really don’t know how to answer that. If I was on that ship there is no way in hell that I would leave my children’s side. If I was on the ship with a friend or my boyfriend and we can help out as long as we were “safe” then I think I likely would help out as long as permitted.

There is no right or wrong — only opinions. Whether you agree or disagree, I do want to say that there is one person who must be held accountable for his choice to go to close to shore, jumping ship and abandoning his crew and guests, causing more chaos than was needed, and causing death — THE CAPTAIN.

We must demand more responsibility and accountability but like all things it begins with YOU, the individual. Children do what you do not what you say.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.. Lead by example.

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