Solstice… what does it mean energetically

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I live in Canada the northern hemisphere so we are entering summer (although you’d never know it with the wet weather!). I have been experiencing more a heaviness in my head (third eye) and a little bit of mood swings. I have friends, however who have been experiencing some impactful things in their life. Whatever you are facing right now it likely has to do with the energy. Below I have included a ‘reading’ from Kara Schalock. Please read. Take what resonates.

I want to wish everyone a wonderful weekend and few weeks. I will not be contributing for the next few weeks as I will be away.

All my love,


Solstice & Divine Masculine

Kara Schallock
a message from Kara Schallock
Tuesday, 20 June, 2017 (posted 21 June, 2017)
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We are in the beautiful phase of the Solstice. It is masculine in nature. What this means is that it is not the old masculine of push and control, but that of the New Divine Masculine; that part of us that supports and acts on our dreams and visions; that which gives form to illusive Soul desires and upgrades our cells and DNA, as well as giving form to Light encodings. The Divine Masculine takes action in Courage and purpose. While we have integrated the Divine Feminine; this does nothing; we need

This Solstice is quite powerful and its affects will last for several years. While there are many advances technologically, which can also make things much more complex, it is for us to keep things simple and place our attention in our core (Heart) and in this way, we keep things balanced, rather than rushing around attempting to understand all the new and confusing and complicated ways that this technology wishes us to partake in (and buy). If you feel you are being left behind because you choose to keep things pure and simple, stand your ground. Energy is shifting, yet it isn’t intended to distract us with the myriad ways that most are using this energy. The shifting energy is to help us upgrade ourselves, cells and DNA; it is not necessarily for us to go out and buy the latest technology. It is always our choice, of course, True alchemy is self-transformation.

Alchemy is magic and Transformation; it is up to us as to how we want to use it. We can use it to come up with the latest tool to empower the inner or the outer. It is our choice. When we do all we can to increase our consciousness, then the magical forms are manifest. Consciousness is to the extent that we know (knowing is not simply intellectual; it is full Awareness) we are Source; it is infinite. If you are in fear or in any limiting energies, your consciousness is diminished and so is your life, for consciousness creates life. Consciousness is the Divine Masculine. When we receive the higher Light Codes, the Divine Masculine helps to integrate them into every aspect of our being. The Divine Feminine receives; the Divine Masculine integrates and acts.

As we shift from one energetic pattern to another; a much higher and different one; we “lose” just about everything. This includes what a person is attached to; what is most important to them. This loss (loss is a mental perception) can bring up old emotions of shame, lack, anger, blame and many other limiting energies that still linger within. If you resonate with this, remind yourself that however it appears to you, it all is in Divine Order. In order to expand and rise in consciousness, the old must disintegrate completely, so that the New can be reconstructed from the mush that is created through letting go; much like the caterpillar transforming. As we continue to ascend, there will be constant shifts that help us all grow within our consciousness. If one needs to be shaken awake…whatever it takes…will transpire. Do what you can to stay centered and call on your Soul Team often.

Realize that while this Solstice is quite powerful, the August eclipse will take this energy and create an even more powerful influx of Light. Remember that Light may be used for anything, so how will you utilize it? You can use it to complain, save/rescue, amp up fear or activate your Lightbody and inner galactic codes. Light is neutral. There is plenty of conflict in the world, yet I ask you not to add to it by worrying about it. Remember that Love expands into more Love and fear expands into more fear.

As we move more into the New, there is no doing things halfway. You’re either in or out. All of 3D is to be released. There cannot be any fear in the New. You can embrace Love; be Love; or if you prefer difficulty, you can let go of some things, but not others. Your choice.

Do know the Truth that there is only Unity and Christed consciousness (Source consciousness); all else is the illusion of separation. We are here to know that with every cell of our being. Yet, if you are entrenched in the separation of what 3D symbolizes and you are drawn to the “ain’t it awful” scenarios playing out, you will be seduced by 3D and like being caught in a sticky web, it will be difficult to extricate yourself, so alluring 3D is. When this happens, you actually feed and empower duality. It takes a courageous person to know the Truth and live it. It is not easy when one is outer-focused. When you stay centered in your Heart, it is easier to be more accepting and loving of others and self. Being Love integrates more Compassion and Benevolence, while dwelling in the lower energies of judgment and condemnation, separates. This isn’t burying your head in the sand; it is choosing where you place your energy and what it is you want to prevail. Being positive helps to raise your consciousness as well as the consciousness of others, regardless of how it may appear.

It is so very important to trust your own Intuition and visions. You may find that it feels empty to read others’ words and thoughts. Perhaps this is a gentle nudge by Soul to trust yourself. Can you be empty without the need to fill up with someone else’s words or without the need to follow someone else’s Wisdom and instead, listen and act on your own Wisdom? I find it fascinating when someone, after receiving a reading or reading someone else’s words says, “ I knew that!” Perhaps the need to have someone else validate what you already know is a perfect step for some.

What if you don’t resonate with someone’s message; does this mean they’re wrong? Not necessarily. It is either that it is not time for you to hear Truth or you simply do not resonate with the message. There is no judgment in this. Lightworkers often give a little push to move you along. Still, it’s always best to resonate with what you hear or read; even if it makes no sense to you at the time. The mystics of today are meant to help humanity take a step forward. Mystics of other times were often ridiculed and fought against, especially when their message was not a popular notion the general population shared. And yet, they planted a seed which eventually took root. The naysayers are invested in keeping things the same; afraid to let go of what is comfortable for them. Which one are you? Mystic or naysayer?

As we move to a bigger vision of life, we are helped along by the Solstice and upcoming eclipse. Breathe in your Divine Masculine during this Solstice period; honor the Sacred Marriage within you.

Copyright: Feel free to share any portion of the Ascension Notes. I would appreciate being credited.

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Re-purposing rather than throwing out…

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Yesterday I was watching tv (I know one of the few people left to do so!) and I saw a story on the news about what one community was doing with their old parking meters. I have to admit I love my Green P app that allows me to pay for parking via my phone. I actually never gave two thoughts to what happened to the old parking meters that took coins.

Yesterday there was a story how one of the charities are using the old parking meters as a way to raise money. You can contribute coins to this machine and then the money collected will go towards the charity. I love the idea. First of all, it is a great way to engage the community who don’t necessarily want to commit a larger sum of money but do have spare change. Coins can add up to a lot of money over time.

I also like that we have found a way to repurpose the meters rather than throwing them into our landfill and create more hazard for the environment. I am sure there is a way to recycle but this costs money.

I would love to see more repurposing going on. I believe it is happening more and more. while Trump declares that the environment is not an issue most of us would say otherwise. Especially amongst our youth, the environment is a big concern. One thing we can do is make sure that we reduce and even work to eliminate waste going into our landfills. If we can find ways to repurpose and reuse then we must do so. Doing so will open up industry/project possibilities and more importantly save our earth.

I challenge both myself and you to find ways to do so. One of the reasons my sons and I started Kidz2kidz, an organization which collects gently used sports and leisure equipment for kids in need, is first and foremost to pass on equipment that’s in great shape to these kids allowing them to partake in sports. Second, to keep this stuff out of our landfill.
I am proud to say that we have moved 1000s of items from one family to another.

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I attended a conference last week in which 500 women from around the greater Toronto area (and maybe beyond) attended. The event took place at Toronto City Hall which I thought was appropriate to inspire women to become inspirational leaders – the world would be different if women ran the world!

Sometimes when I attend these events I am disappointed but not this time. First thing I noticed was this incredible energy in the room. Second thing I noticed is that the women were from diverse corporate/skills background, religion, age and colour. At one point I was sitting beside a woman in her 80s.

One of the engaging exercises that they did was something called “Radical Generosity”. They first asked the women if they could receive help from others in the room for free, as mentors or guides, would that interest them. Of course the overwhelming response was, “Yes!”. They then asked the women to come forward to microphone and present, in 30 seconds or less, their “ask” and then the “ask” was posted in a google drive doc for others to engage with. If you thought you can help that person’s ask you would put your contact information into the GIVE section. As many people as possible could provide the ‘give’. So many women lined up. Many of the women’s ask were specific and directly related to their business whether it was looking for mentorship in developing their business in a certain sector, creating a logo, wanting to be connected to their target audience. Specific. My ask is more complicated because it doesn’t exist yet and pushes the status quo. I finally joined the line once I got my ask to something more specific and concrete. Unfortunately we ran out of time. The good news is that they were going to email us the link to the google docs so that we can add our ask.

I added my ask and received one email address so far. I actually took the time after the event to go through all of the asks and added my email address to a number of places where I thought I can either connect or be of assistance. I also looked for similarities in the “ask” and noted people I think can mentor or guide me. I am not sure how many women have done that. To date I have not received a follow-up email from the receiver. I have sent out two emails to no response. Hopefully this is not a measure of the engagement level afterwards. I am hoping that the Radical Generosity exercise goes beyond the day.

I will also be emailing Vicki Saunders, Founder of sheEO, directly to ask for her help. I would like to be connected to forward thinking VCs and angel investors to help guide me in creating what I call the new economy. As I have written before my focus is the millennial and Gen Z market, 18-30 year olds; developing life skills, soft skills and leadership development skills. I am looking to create an online ‘we-share’ economy of social entrepreneurs based on partnerships (collision of ideas), multiple projects, entrepreneurs without borders, teams, networking, mentoring and skills development (life, soft & leadership development). By creating this online community or tribe we can begin to share and “collide” our ideas that can be taken beyond borders and tweaked for the relevant market. Our youth today is very entrepreneurially driven and want to make a difference for the next generation. My partners and I look to bridge the gap between the social entrepreneur and VCs / Angel investor, particularly once they have gone through the incubator/accelerator program; In fact I want to be mentored myself to become a VC myself so I can help shape our new economy and support the social entrepreneur who want to make a difference and make money. After 7 years of research of the Millennial and Gen Z market as well as following the trends, I understand where the corporate world is heading. The traditional corporation will not exist “as is” in the next 5-10 years. It is an exciting time.

As far as what resonated I have to say that I walked away seeing a void in the market for incubators and accelerators focusing on social entrepreneurs. There is CSI, Centre for social innovation and Ontario Centre of Excellence that I will look into however we have not developed this area as well as it needs to be. I also see room to work with and empower women who have chosen to stay home to raise their children and through divorce or death are forced back into the workplace or the mother who now is an empty nester wants to return back into the workplace, sometimes wondering what can she do. These women, myself included, are coming back to a marketplace that is radically different from the world we worked in in our 20s / 30s. As a marketing specialist the market has changed so dramatically that at first it was overwhelming. I had to get up to speed and have taken courses and read and researched a lot. I had to build my self-confidence again. Although through my work of peeling away the layers, self-awareness and discovery I came to know that I have tremendous skill sets. I am the CEO of my home and through this and my volunteer work and organization that my family and I created I have developed my communication, leadership, decision-making, team work, and financial literacy skill sets to name a few. It took time and determination. These women need to regain their confidence and learn to brand themselves. Unfortunately Corporate Canada does not recognize the importance of raising children and all the skill sets we impart and learn, it often only regards what has been accomplished and with jobs will look at degrees and work experience. This is where sheEO can be very supportive and encouraging. It can help foster this group and show them their worth and how they can be (become) great entrepreneurs.

Finally what I walked away with after attending Valerie Fox’s talk on incubators and accelerators (which one to choose or how many) is the idea of “collision”. In my youth entrepreneur leadership development platform, I know the importance of sharing ideas and working together as entrepreneurs to come together to bring complimentary skill sets and sometimes bigger ideas and when Valerie shared the concept of collision, it all clicked. It is at those moments of being an entrepreneur that you realize how important it is to stay fluid, open and listen. I am very grateful. I will incorporate collision into my business name, site and brand.

When I first began empowering and educating my focus was women empowerment and my site was a resource site for women. Today I have shifted to the youth, our next leaders however empowering and aligning with women is still important. Being divorced I am adamant to share with women, young and old, married, divorced or single, the importance of being financially independent.

Before the conference was over, I have expressed to the sheEO people I would like to get involved and become an advisor. I encourage women from all over the world to look into becoming involved with This organization is truly empowering and inspiring. I also encourage women entrepreneurs to investigate Valerie Fox’s company Pivotal Point. She is instrumental and determined to bring the new wave of incubator for entrepreneurs (inclusive, engaging, interactive, and cross-fucntioning) around the world. Check out her first project THE DMZ part of Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada.

I will end with my vision – removing the idea of glass ceiling for women and having the next generation of leaders not even consider this a barrier, rather building teams and projects based solely on skill set and equality.

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When I heard about the bombing at the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester this week it broke my heart. All I kept thinking about is that could have happened in my city to any one of my friend’s children or for that matter my friend picking up their child/ren at the concert.

It is unfathomable to think this is where our world has gone. What seems doom and gloom may in fact be more about clearing out old patterns, beliefs, core values and shaking out to a better world. Why do people have to die? What do people have to hurt? Why do people have to lie?

I know it is hard to believe however when I read the energy reports what seems like chaos and negative is actually old ways being brought forward, challenged and sometimes altered or changed, even let go of. There is a dichotomy right now, people who are pushing to exist in the old, 3D, physical world of separation, power, ego and struggle vs those who are moving to the 5th dimension and believe in collaboration, team work, we-economy, sharing, empowerment and love. Those that refuse to change or let go of old beliefs and patterns (whether individual, corporate or on a world-level) will likely suffer more.

It is fascinating to watch Trump unfold his presidency. To me he represents the old world thought-patterns and is pulling the USA back in time as far as women’s rights, USA being an isolationist, not caring about the environment (may pull out of the Paris Accord), to name a few.

We have a choice, we can watch CNN and decide to live in fear and never do or go anywhere for fear that something bad will happen. Or we can choose to live, love and lead by example. I asked my kids this question, would you choose to not travel, go to concerts and stay in your sheltered environment for fear of being bombed or hurt? Their answer was unequivocally, we will not live like that. My son says the chances of being hurt in a terror attack is so small, why would he stop living his life.

Whether you like Israel as a country or not, one cannot argue that Israeli’s (that includes Jews, Christians and Muslims) live in the moment. Seize the moment – carpe diem. The people of Israel have had to adjust to the terror attacks on an on-going basis. Of course you have to make good choices, or the best you know how, but to stop living gives into the terrorist.

I am going abroad travelling this summer with my family and this is the attitude we will take. We will be careful, or as careful as we can. I will trust my intuition. I did tell my son he cannot wander around in the same manner as at home without me knowing where he is. He didn’t like that. That’s the mother in me!

I encourage each and every one of us to put fear aside. Please do not let is rule your life. Be smart, follow your gut but never stop enjoying life and living.

I want to wish you a wonderful weekend.

All my love,


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Where I am at…

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I have been writing a blog since 2009 and it has been rewarding. While I have shifted my focus from women empowerment to expand and include empowerment at all levels, I came to realize that the path to empowerment is the same whether you are a person, company or country.

I am not sure where I want to take this blog as there has been so much learning, growing, and challenging of myself. Pivoting seems to be the word of the day for me. I want to stay open, fluid, and adaptive as I feel that with all of the upheaval in the world it really is more about shaking out what we don’t want only to bring in or keep what we do want.

I am turning 50 this year and one realization and agreement I made with myself is that I will no longer compromise my value, worth, or dreams. I know I have been my own stumbling block. It is time to shine and step out. More importantly for me is to be 100% true to myself. I spent the first 50 years of my life in a great learning curve and at times pleasing others instead of following my truth. I look at others in my life and family who do what is best for them, and I too will do so. That doesn’t mean that family and friends will not be important, as they will. What is does mean is that I will make decisions that I feel and believe are best for me and my family.

With this decision, right now the blog seems right and I will continue to find topics that I believe are important and share with you. Part of what is right is beginning to really brand
2bempowered Inc. I have put it in the shadows of many other people and now is the time to step out and be proud of the impactful work that I do and am working on.

I am excited for the next 50 years. I already see that I have broken cycles and patterns that I have been working on breaking. I am using affirmations and visualizations to see the life I am creating and do want.

It is possible. The one thing I try and do with my blog is to challenge each and every one of you to be better, do better and feel better about yourself. One of my big aha moments came the other day when I realized that I still hold limiting beliefs that I must rid of. It was a belief that in my work I am alone. The truth is I am not alone. In fact, rather than go to worry and fear I shifted the thought to one of gratitude. I am grateful for all of the people in my life right now that are working with me (including my angels), who want me to succeed and encourage me to keep going and more importantly are helping me on my path to succeed.

I want to sign off on this note. You are never alone and if you allow others to come into your lives and let them help where needed, you will see how things will proceed. You do need to be discerning and trust your inner guidance – if you feel someone is trying to take advantage of you, then likely it is true. But before you decide this ask yourself one question: Am I coming from ego or truth? I find that when things flow, and doors open and the work unfolds or situation unfold, then it is often right and true. You need to trust your heart and the feeling around it… not necessarily your head. It is your head and ego that will often distract you or move you away from what is right for you.

In Canada we are celebrating Victoria Day and it is a long weekend! I wish everyone a wonderful weekend. Relax, enjoy and laugh!

All my love,


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What’s going on?

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I don’t know if it’s age and my hormones changing or the energy or both but I have to tell you sometimes I don’t know if I’m coming or going; I feel high, then low. Thank goodness I am not alone. I want to share a video that was sent to me from a friend. For those who are highly sensitive beings, or light workers as often referred to, I want you to know there is nothing wrong with you. After I watched this video I felt so much better about things and particularly myself. I sometimes question my purpose on this earth and then am quietly (sometimes loudly) reminded. And then I say to myself, “This too shall pass” and “it’s all good”. The best thing for me has been shedding old values/beliefs that no longer serve me.

Please watch. I want to wish everyone a great weekend.

From my friend David:

This is bang on Sandra…enjoy


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What is perfect anyway?

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All my best plans have gone by the wayside. When I hold the “perfect” vision in my mind of how something SHOULD be or look like or even feel like I am very often disappointed. That was then.

Now I hold a different vision in my mind … things are perfect with their imperfections. When I go with the flow and just allow things to unfold I find that the outcome is so much better. Being a former perfectionist (ok still have some of that in me) I do my best to let go of all that.

What has triggered this “discussion” is a conversation I had with a friend the other day when she shared that the “honeymoon” stage of her new relationship is over and she and her partner are seeing things a little differently. When we talk further she told me that she feels that he is holding the relationship to a standard of “perfection”; that they always have to be happy and in a good mood. I looked at her and shared I told the guy I am dating that I will likely disappoint you at sometime and I am not perfect however what makes this relationship so good is that we can talk about everything.

I wouldn’t want a relationship whereby I had to always be happy, on,

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People That Inspire…

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“Great things never come from comfort zones.”

I saw this incredible speaker a few weeks back and I wish I could clone him and what he stands for. He is the CEO of VarageSale, Andrew Sider. He really inspired me for the journey he has taken and more importantly the role of CEO he currently fulfills.

He is a true entrepreneur.

I attended a speaking engagement hosted by Brainstation (check them out) who invited Andrew Sider to speak on the topic of ‘being an entrepreneur’. He spoke for about 1 hour and in that time I scribbled many notes. He took us on a journey of his life, from his younger years when he ran a small business, to leaving a secure job abroad and begin a start-up in California, his successes and failures and how he ultimately ended up as CEO of VarageSale.

He talked about how he went to university with a group of friends and they all vowed that within four years they would hold each other accountable to quit their jobs and begin their own businesses rather than taking the safe road in the working world. Andrew said that he thought that he would just take on a consultancy & investment banking role for a few years and make good money to pay off his debt and then go on his own. This, however, is not what happened. Andrew worked for a few more years and then finally he did leave his secure job to begin a start-up with a family member. In fact, Andrew shared that all but one of the friends took the entrepreneurial route. I was really impressed.

Andrew shared his rollercoaster ride- the failures and successes and how as an entrepreneur you must be careful not to fall in love with your idea/product, rather have checks and balances in place – mentors and guides – who will challenge you to make sure you are making sound business decisions and not throwing good money after bad. He calls this “Is my baby ugly?” I know that every mother thinks their baby is cute when in fact some babies are just not cute. It’s hard to hear but it is the truth. You want to check in and see if your vision is working, if it needs tweaking, abandoning or pivoting.

Getting feedback is critical. Andrew shared the idea of pivoting. I have heard this term before. Awareness, guidance, mentoring, feedback … all of these things help discover if you need to tweak your idea/vision/business to make it more relevant to the needs of your customers and/or market.

One of the most impactful stories he shared was how in one of his ventures he went from very few users to millions. In the same token, when Facebook changed their policy on one of their platform that Andrew’s business was using, they went from 30 million users to 1 million overnight. He shared his experience and the response of the Venture Capitalist world.

He did express that he is not sure that business school offered any more than theoretical knowledge vs hands-on experience, especially for the entrepreneurship stream. I feel education has its place however being an entrepreneur is something that is hard to create. I believe you can foster skills and learn and grow but the innate entrepreneurial “flavour” comes from within. One of the biggest distinctions between a business person and entrepreneur in my opinion is those who work in businesses often tend to focus on problems while the entrepreneur focuses on solutions. I choose the latter.

I want to fast-forward to today where Andrew Sider is CEO of VarageSale. He took a few key people from his former business, BUNK (I believe) and merged with the founder and his team from VarageSale. Like at “marriage” or “partnership” you hope that the two merge well. In this case he said it did and that their core values for corporate culture were similar. When I think of creating corporations for the “new economy” two companies come to mind: Hootsuite and VarageSale. In both cases the companies incorporate a thinking which really does not exist or not for many companies in Corporate Canada. One of the missing components to innovation in Corporate Canada is allowing risk and failure. What I mean by this is companies want a sure thing and are less likely to encourage their people or teams to “take a hypothesis, run with it for a month and come back and see where the challenges, successes, failures or need to tweak come from”. Andrew explained that they do encourage this behaviour. People/teams have one month to check out an idea/hypothesis and then come back and share how this will succeed or not.

When you think about some of the greatest inventions that have come to market, some of these come about by “mistake”.

The other company and CEO that really inspires me is Ryan Holmes from Hootsuite. Ryan is truly an innovator and disruptor. I read his articles and are constantly encouraged that there are CEOs out there that truly understand where we need to take our companies. I love that he stretches his people and their skills sets, understands cross-functioning skill sets and encouraging “coffee dates” and more. This allows for lateral and diagonal movement to different teams & different exposures.

My intention is to work with like-minded people as I create my own online global mobile youth entrepreneur platform; building companies for the new economy based on multiple projects not just in Canada or USA but around the world. The new economy takes into consideration the “we/sharing economy” whereby ideas and projects bring peoples’ skills sets together, mentoring and transference of knowledge, skills and leadership development and most important bridging between the new entrepreneur and Angel and investing world; the investors of today need to understand this new economy and how the entrepreneur of today is not just creating their brand, they are their brand and their passion – the two are intertwined.

It is exciting times. It is not something you can control however the change will come. We can be part of it or stand by the sidelines. I choose to be part of it. I hope you do too.

I want to wish everyone a wonderful weekend. I want to thank the Andrew Sider and Ryan Holmes of the world who are disrupting the status quo.

Enjoy this wonderful time.

All my love,


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Today the Doreen Virtue instagram card reads “Assertiveness”

Being peaceful and loving person doesn’t mean allowing others to take advantage of your niceness. Yet this happens a lot when you fell confused about the definition of being “loving”. There’s confusion that leads gentle people to be “too nice” to those whose intentions are ego-based.

Assertiveness is being lovingly honest. It is speaking sincerely from your heart in a way that honours the other person’s feelings. It releases pent-up anger in constructive ways. If you sense that someone is trying to take advantage of your niceness, the kindest thing you can do is to say NO. After all, saying YES just reinforces that person to continue their ways with you and other nice people. For your own health and theirs, say No to unreasonable requests. Stop trying to rescue people who don’t need or want rescuing, so that your resources can be directed to those who are truly in need.

Here’s a helpful prayer:

Dear G-d, Thank you for guiding my relationships to be healthy, mutually beneficial, and authentic.

To learn more go to Doreen Virtue’s book: “Assertiveness for Earth Angels”.

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April Energy: Tips to Thrive in April 2017…

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I don’t know about the rest of you but the last two weeks has been a real shakedown/shake out of stuff in my life. Somethings have gone away suddenly, some things are being questioned as to how or if I want to proceed, in some instances I have decided who I want to work with and surround myself with and those I don’t, and finally some opportunities are opening up to me for me to consider. I am taking it one day at a time and accepting what is coming my way. Perhaps this article will help prepare you for April. We are about to go into mercury retrograde April 9th however you might feel this energy beforehand- things slowing down, communication issues. computer or appliance issues to name a few. It is a good time to review, revisit, and reevaluate. It is not usually a good time to sign contracts. April seems to be a good time to plant the seeds on what you want to move forward on. That’s what I am focussing on — working to get clarity.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend and enjoy this article.

All my love,


Tips to Thrive in April 2017

a message from Selacia
Friday, 31 March, 2017

Right now and leading up to the April 10 Full Moon is a perfect time to set in motion new ideas, plans, and projects. The key to success is focus, presence, and acting on what you know with divine timing.

There is an energy of newness in the air. Projects and perhaps some of your relationships can benefit. Invite a knowing of new approaches to key relationships and creative pursuits. Updating your view of what’s possible can create big shifts – even miracles.

Our world remains chaotic and uncertain, the constant dance of events unfolding even shocking at times. As I’ve written about recently and in my “2017 Predictions,” what we are moving through now is bringing to the surface unprecedented happenings and challenges.

Do not be discouraged. There is plenty of good and abundant opportunities to move through the chaos to discover your best self – and thrive!

The following are some tips for finding your center so you can thrive. Invite your inner wisdom to speak to you as you continue reading.

FIRST, be mindful of challenging energy cycles like the grand cross occurring around the time of the Full Moon. If you are sensitive you may start feeling this days ahead. The key to moving through this is to stay in your heart, avoid reaction, and choose the high road. Not always easy, but do your best. If something triggers you so deeply that you feel stuck, explore akashic records patterns in your DNA.

SECOND, utilize the Mercury Retrograde of April 9 to May 3 to reconfigure things in your life. Inner work is favored and can lead to significant breakthroughs. Dream work is recommended, too, for the dream state can feel deeper and the mysteries you are able to unravel can be profound. Consider a dream journal, noting insights that come to you throughout this cycle.

THIRD, consider reflecting daily about your passions and how you as a soul can express these in more tangible, productive ways. Think big picture and include both everyday tasks and your dream aspirations. The more that your passion is involved in daily living and interactions, the greater the likelihood that you will succeed with big goals. It’s about your energy signature, after all, so keeping that high-frequency is your key to thriving.

FOURTH, aim your sights on April 26 with its New Moon that can provide a marker moment for shifting something significant in your life. Inner work and steps you take beforehand can prepare you for a mega transformation. This may involve an issue you have struggled with this past year, a goal that has been just beyond reach, or even something outside your radar.

FIFTH, give yourself the gift of time and space daily to simply be still and go within. You are a quantum being, operating on many levels beyond your awareness. Your consciousness needs moments of stillness to be able to assimilate your experiences and to be fed by the divine.

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