Celebrating Easter and Passover

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I want to wish all the families out there celebrating Passover and Easter a happy and healthy holiday.

For many this is a time for family to come together and enjoy large meals together around one big table. Our seder had 20 people – I was at one end with my immediate family, mother and sister and my brother’s are always at the other end with my father. While getting up to help clean and serve I find time to chat with those around me.

I am like many of you — I love my family however there is only so much I can take. This is the time when I am surrounded by family members who will always see me a certain way despite all the hard work – and I mean hard work – I have done on myself. Before each dinner I ground myself and shield myself from all lower/negative energy and thoughts and ask to be surrounded by higher/more positive energy. You may want to try this especially if the thought of being around family causes you to feel anxious or concerned or worried. I felt none of that. Part of my growth, especially with me focussing on letting go, I look to these dinners with NO expectations. I visualize it as being peaceful – even fun. And guess what, it was.

For some the thought of being with family brings smiles and many great memories. Wonderful. Take lots of pictures for new memories.

I also want you to be aware of the energy at this time. I mentioned that I read that the energy during this week will be tough – and it has been. This full moon in particular was a tough one. What is happening is that all of your old fears and blocks are surfacing. You may find yourself dealing with many relationship issues. I have seen many friends go through a number of issues in the last few weeks. As you will be with family members this week be conscious of this energy. You may find that old wounds or outstanding issues that you brushed under the rug may surface. How are you going to deal with them? Will you face them now? Or will you try and brush them under the rug? This may not work and you will be forced to deal with your issue. That is where the energy is right now. You may find that the issues or story you have been telling yourself for years is not true or that your perception is quite different from the other person’s. I want to encourage you to listen to what the other person has to say.

Embrace the holiday this year; Stay open and let go of all expectations.

I like this holiday because it is a time to embrace freedom and movement. By healing old wounds and letting go of expectations you are freeing yourself from your story.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. This too shall pass.

All my love,


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